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This flash was made in 2006 and I never really uploaded to NG. I'll make part2 after I graduate college. I kinda took a long vacation on flash because of it lol (3 years to be exact) Enjoy!
Music used: .hack/, crisis core theme song, Silver theme song
btw: I used Flash 4 and Flash 8 back then XD brings bk the memories.


Voice Acting

Like others have said, it would have been solid if it weren't for the voice acting. Keep it up! :D

great flash

Liked the music choices a lot. The animation was also pretty cool, but the voice acting and recording was very lacking. Brush those up and you have a truly awesome thing going.

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Needs revoicing

The voices where badly recorded, they need to be redone. The rest of the movie was nice.

I like the vibe...but

As the summery states, I like the vibe of this flash, but your exicution could use a lot of work.

The Good:

The color choices and story work well with each other and help give off the desired futuristic yet at the same time old time kinda feel, which is something pretty hard to pull off, and is something I can appreciate and enjoy.

The art: Is both a plus and a minus, while it is unique it's not very good on the whole, your backgrounds are pretty good, but your characters could use work, work on your anatomy and then apply what you learned to your characters, I'm not saying change your style completely, I mean tune it up and make the characters look better.

Animation: Good solid and clean animation, well done.

The voice actors: For the most part were decent, but sometimes they're lines don't come across strong enough or are just plain, bland, and generic on delivery, on others the lines are misread or the quotes being used are incorrect, but aside from that I say okay on the actors, oh and I recommend getting better mics just for good measure.

The music: Used to great effect and well chosen for this project.

The bad:

The art: Read the above comment on this subject

The story: It jumps around and is kind of hard to follow, what happened to lead up to the main character being captured and thrown into that place where he fought his friend? What did he do to Scar after he regained his memories? Do you see what I'm getting at? Just work on your story telling and filling in the blanks, don't just assume the watchers know what happens in-between these events, keep this in mind and you should do fine on later projects.

On the whole, I'm giving this a 6/10 and a 4/5 pretty good, just needs fine tuning.

Well that's all I got for ya, good luck on your later works dude.

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Voice acting needs improvement

I don't just mean mic quality, I mean that the voice acting itself was lacking. The lines lacked emotion, or enough power behind them to be taken seriously. The animation and story wasn't bad, though- you just need to improve the delivery of the lines.

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4.40 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2010
12:15 AM EDT