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This flash was made in 2006 and I never really uploaded to NG. I'll make part2 after I graduate college. I kinda took a long vacation on flash because of it lol (3 years to be exact) Enjoy!
Music used: .hack/, crisis core theme song, Silver theme song
btw: I used Flash 4 and Flash 8 back then XD brings bk the memories.


Ultimate Life Form??????


You seriously need to work on the voices. Serisouly. Because they sound quiet. I can't even tell what accent that is (carebear accent? I dunno.) But c'mon.

Your is good but it need a little more work but everything is awesome, actually your work reminds me of kingdomhearts, its like a version that and fanil fantasy lol this should definitely be on a videogame


Finally! Something more from you! I'm a fan of your earlier work, so it's nice to see something new from you!

Your style improvement is a nice touch. They look much more complex, even if they still are a bit blocky/pointy. But it's not distracting enough to take away from the overall flash, and it's become a signature of sorts anyway for you. So don't change it!

The storyline confused me a little, but I still enjoyed watching this. I'm surprised none of your flashing abilities dwindled after a 3 year break. I guess your just that good =P

Keep it up man! Hope to see more from you =)

LenZ responds:

thx ^^ also I have more flashes I haven't uploaded onto NG at http://ipstudios.lenzproduction.com/

Finally a new one!

Then again this was made in 2006, but it's still nice to see you're uploading more movies on newgrounds. Oh, and sorry about phrozenflame.com.

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Very poor voice recording

the story is a decent idea but the voices are just horid. I do like the animation style.

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4.40 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2010
12:15 AM EDT