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This flash was made in 2006 and I never really uploaded to NG. I'll make part2 after I graduate college. I kinda took a long vacation on flash because of it lol (3 years to be exact) Enjoy!
Music used: .hack/, crisis core theme song, Silver theme song
btw: I used Flash 4 and Flash 8 back then XD brings bk the memories.



Finally! Something more from you! I'm a fan of your earlier work, so it's nice to see something new from you!

Your style improvement is a nice touch. They look much more complex, even if they still are a bit blocky/pointy. But it's not distracting enough to take away from the overall flash, and it's become a signature of sorts anyway for you. So don't change it!

The storyline confused me a little, but I still enjoyed watching this. I'm surprised none of your flashing abilities dwindled after a 3 year break. I guess your just that good =P

Keep it up man! Hope to see more from you =)

LenZ responds:

thx ^^ also I have more flashes I haven't uploaded onto NG at http://ipstudios.lenzproduction.com/

It has been awhile

It's been a long time since I have seen a new cartoon from you, and let me say it is great to see your stuff again! It's great just to get associated with the awesome animation style. I like how you try to put some humor into it, like with the character Scar in that one scene. While it is only one cartoon, you still do a good job of putting depth into the characters. I think this has animation good enough to hold up to today. The best effects were probably the rainbow bubbles that Jesse created.

Really Awesome!

The animation was really good but the voice acting... meh.
And it wuz kinda slow for my taste.
But this was made in 2006 so i guess that your voice acting has improved. :3

LenZ responds:

Yup I gotta buy that new mic ^^

As always, a masterpiece.

I really liked this piece LenZ, the work that must've gone into this is mindboggling to my point of view (considering I can't flash. XD ) But the art style was impressive, the music was very fitting to the storyline you ran... Scar, as usual, is being completely idiotic at the funniest of times (and his expressions never cease to make me laugh). The one thing I noted was the volume to the voices and how sometimes they didn't seem like they fitted the emotion of the moment (Cap's Aaaaah..! sounded like he was rather bored. o_O ).

None the less, I liked it, and look forward to the next part of ALL your projects, LenZ (and admittedly, if I knew how, I'd offer to provide my own voice talents for anything).

Shit, you people heard of sentimental value?

3.59, ain't that a bitch. Well I will still vote 5 for you, Mr. Chu. Egocity and everything involved with it still has sentimental value for me, and I LIKE IT. >B)

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LenZ responds:

Thx Jazz ^^

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4.40 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2010
12:15 AM EDT