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The Kittys New Friend

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Once upon a time there was a kitty. He was sad and lonely. One day he figured out how to cure his loneliness.. by making a stuffed animal friend! But a wonderful turn of events occurred to make his day even better! BUT WITH ANOTHER TURN OF EVENTS something went wrong... but then good again... or maybe bad... FIND OUT NOW!

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su su su su suki dai%uFF5E%u3000

ok .... magical powah!
its cute but you just still doing the same and the same way you animate

you can improve

i haven't heard susu ki daisuki len ver in the mixed way : o

Very cute

Now that was one darn cute movie, you had some simple art but it seemed to work well the adio also made this even more pleasent to watch, the simple art and cute story made it an all around good and pleasent flash

I would suggest to make it longer and give it a more happy ending like maybe he/she meets another friend that is real or something

Cute and sad at the same time


Good kitty =)

Music: 10/10
Originality: 5/5

And I won't spam a meme to describe the cuteness *cough* 9000...

nice song!

the song was cute and nice althought the animation is too short compared to length of the song and need some improvement in it!
good luck!

oh if anyway to get the song, let me know it, thanks! :D


I realy liked it, animation and art was quite nice but the music is awesome so max for u :), can u tell me the songs title/author?