(Don't) Save the Princess

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A fun tile-based puzzle game spanning across 24 levels of humorous, non-Princess saving awesomeness! Level editor included! The princess has been kidnapped and the knight of the kingdom has come out searching for her! It is your job to place magical launching platforms to thwart the knight's efforts and send him to his doom (via the open mouth of your pet monster). Features 24 levels and Level Editor!


be nice if there was a grid

this is very addictive know it? i give it a three thumbs up

o hai heres my level "freebird"
df313dab89C01cB2541516B13a1a4dEbc8c0b dc7eNrjYHArSk1NyixK4WPITSzKzM9NLC5JLT I0MBJlYGDgZcAETEDMCOP8xwRM/5lY/hMDmGH qiVRIEsA0lQXTWElGOEcQiIE8STxGohsghK4A ZBoAaaYIGg==

Great game!

It took me a second to understand what I was supposed to be doing, but once I did this was a lot of fun!

Great and challenging!

Well lvl 12...i cant continue U.U

this is hard but fun :D

Good game, and here's my level.

587835c71286c4D685564411d68d6aBdbd499 534eNrjZPDNzEtNy0zNSeFnSCwpLSrJSU3JTy 1OyixJFWVgYOAFYmYgZmKAAFYomwXKZ/iPA4g BAZgAkXBBOIEsCFTxXwyGKBUUEcEUFBGBiP5H CALFhP6L/JfEUCkpgnA8upliCE8gexPh0//A4 AAAn4atmA==

That's my level. See if you can figure it out. I like to think it's tough, even if it's not. But like I said, this is a good game. I just found one glitch/bug, and it's in my level. You'll have to win it to figure out what it is. I'm not telling you (unless you can't beat it, then I'll PM it to you).

i dont see..

what everyone is bitching about that they dont understand the point of the game. Its simple, sending the knite into the monster.

I personaly like the game, it gets challenging after the first few levels.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2010
5:57 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other