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Rebuzz is a game based on word puzzles called Rebus's. Rebuzz, containing both an easy mode (20 levels with hints) and a hard mode (5 difficult puzzles, no hints) provides a challenge for even the brainiest of people.

Sponsored by LimeGames.

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Two stars purely for style

This is a ridiculous attempt at rebus puzzles. Most (if not all) answers barely make any sense or have no connection whatsoever with the clues provided. Hints were just plain futile. The very few that did make some sense were too easy to be deemed witty.

Overall, a good way to present a sequence of rebus puzzles, however, the ones provided here are atrocious to say the least.

It was ok

The music kicks ass! What song is that??

Honestly-a pointless game

If I wanted to do some Rebus puzzles I would have just searched for them on google: to spend the time and effort into making a flash game for such a simple action is entirely necessary. Also, searching for puzzles elsewhere will yield much more numerous and challenging puzzles; as stated in some reviews, this game contains puzzles of uneven quality (some are clever and some are either ambiguous in the true solution).

GazSmithGames responds:

Entirely necessary? Gee, thanks! :)

I like the game

But some of the wordpuzzels did not make any sense to me, and some of them would make more sense, if the answer was another.

I completed the game, but without the walkthrough I would at most have completed the easy level.

Somebody smarter than me; please explain how o_er_t_o_ becomes painless operation?

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While I can appreciate a good puzzle, the hints seemed added as an afterthought. Seriously...."Look at the presentation of the word?" Pathetic. You could apply that to literally ANY rebus puzzle. Go fix that. :P

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3.96 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2010
3:13 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other