Roomies "Getting Along"

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After a long time of work its finaly done.
im not completly satisfied though. because of some errors it took a long while.
I might update this video in the near future!

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so whens the third one coming out? o and this seems a bit like the disgaea game series only its a movie XD anyways SCORE TIME!

graphics 8/10
animation 8/10 (not the best in the world but trust me ive seen some crap in the past so this is pretty good compared to that stuff)
voices 9/10 (only a 9 because at some points it wasnt aligned with the animation)
jokes 7/10 (guess im like jake i dont get how that first joke is funny =P)
originality 10/10 (<--- you get a 10 because originality is a hard thing to find anymore lol most people just alter old ideas that someone else thought up so yay for youz! =D)
overall score 8.5/10 (thankfully i round up!)
cant wait for the next one!

Jochio responds:

We are currently working on it.
The graphics will be inproved since this episode!
The Episode will be a lot better when it comes to script,Jokes,originality.

Hope to see a review for it from you when it comes out!

notbad of a flash

Good artwork really nice details on the characters, the voices could be abit improved with more quality to them but overall this was an entertaining flash make more scenes next time.

Well first off try and reduce the file size abit, 2nd work on some more quality for the voices, and then last but not least take the story into more scenes,

overall a good and entertaining flash



good art. The voices need work, like the lip synching and having the volume level consistant, but I like your comedic style and the anime feel to it.

a few pointers

Was overall a nicely done bit of animation.

However, the sounds were a bit dodgy. At some points, it was really quiet and I had to turn my speakers up, and next thing I know, the volume coming out is leaving me with a horrible ringing in my ears.

I'd suggest balancing out the sound a lot better, so that's all a much more consistent volume :)


barely funny. sorta entertaining, but not "lol" or even "grin'd"

cute art, but not graphically "good"
decent voiceovers..

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2010
11:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original