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A Scientist's Dream

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Author Comments

Hello. This is a flash movie.

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I don't know about you guys but this is not annoying to me. Probably because I'm the annoying faggot person in the family 0.0 Also it's not bad even if it's annoying atleast give a 2 atleast for the animation. I give 2 for the song that represents me and 2 for the animation.

FloppDiddly responds:

This song represssssents me 2 oOMG WE JSUT connected


Dear Charlie, why are you always drunk?

FloppDiddly responds:

because of desiecting apricots


What can I say about this flash? For one thing, I agree completely with DVHS. It is strange, and the fact that it constantly loops isn't helping matters very much. As WhiteLightning1 said, it does need a plot. Flashing various images in a very slight smattering of a storyline doesn't leave much to the imagination as to what is going on. In my own opinion...I have seen better. This really is more of a collage of images, than a true movie. Movies have smooth transitions and a recognizable plotline, rather than random images shown in a series. Good luck with submissions in the future, though.

FloppDiddly responds:

What's to fish? wait.... this was more of a smorgasbord of ideas smeared into a little 3 second clip/


Strange, and does the author have to respond to every comment?

FloppDiddly responds:


Doesn't work

I'm trying not to be overly critical, but you really need to make an effort to put something on here with a plot and working preloader, not just an image collage.

FloppDiddly responds:

the preloader works. there is no play button. two different things. Thank you.
and it is not a collage. there are some tweens....