A.E. Chronics Epis: 1

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The first of the A.E. Chronics series. This is a little bit different from WHOOKOS. Don't expect too much of a story from this episode as barely any of the story is covered. Then again this is chapter 0. Either way, enjoy!

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I have to admit some of the parts did catch my attention. But the lack of explaining things is annoying. And 2012? How unoriginal. And the temprature was just plain stupid since no human can survive that. And how are phones working when everything is destroyed? I'm sure radio towers were destroyed. The phone ringing was very ear rapping. Also why is almost everyone shirtless? Also you could have explained why Scoot was crying over those things, you could have put a braclet or something to identify who or what is was.

Over all do a better job of explaining and put thought into what works when everything is destroyed, I'm pretty sure cellphones won't work.

not bad

wow really good always been a fan of your work always and hope to see more of it i like how you did keep to your art work style and see that this story is just the tip of the iceberg i can feel and see a epic story line like it was for you zelda UO but can't wait to see what you have been cooking up of the ideas i like how you keep this one in supence and can't wait to see how you will unfold this story yet again and will be waiting for more

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Its creepy but makes me want to see the next one.

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I have to say I prefer WHOOKOS. This is rather badly made in terms of storytelling and dialogue.

I couldn't even figure out half of what was going on. It was so dark, I wondered if I was supposed to actually see something or if my computer was getting too old and getting too dark with lighting.
It's just some anime of two guys running around in some city, one with a TOWEL around his waist, trying to find their way around while Scoot is following a blood trail while getting tormented by a frickin' BABEY!
Plus, why was Scoot crying at the beginning..? Is he really that emotionally fragile?

HOWEVER, I greatly enjoyed the suspense and horror-movie kind of static on the screen. It got me greatly interested and I watched until the end because of that.

The static seemed like it was some kind of apocalypse after something unexplainable happened, resulting in me trying to figure out what was happening.
The suspense was kind of mediocre until Scoot's cellphone started ringing. I was so interested at that point that my face was literally smooshed against the screen and so when the phone started ringing I fell out of my chair. Yeah. Kinda weird,eh?

So anyway the reason I'm giving you an 8/10 is:

-1 for the excessive darkness. I'd at least have liked to see a damn thing.
-1 for keeping me in the dark about what was happening. This is self-explanatory.
+5 for suspense. :3
+3 for apocalypse style.

I like it overall ^-^

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well its a great start, and its animation is beter than most have. i have one issue, it didn;t really show what was happening, lik who were the graves for?

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Mar 23, 2010
12:56 AM EDT
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