A.E. Chronics Epis: 1

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The first of the A.E. Chronics series. This is a little bit different from WHOOKOS. Don't expect too much of a story from this episode as barely any of the story is covered. Then again this is chapter 0. Either way, enjoy!

Unfortunately this submission was earlier stolen from our website which can be viewed if you right-click on the animations screen. This is the original and has been posted by the rightful owner.



curieoserty killed the cat
i also just thnik this will turn out to be a dream or somethnig to link the 2 series together but very good episoda

not bad.

Not bad for a part 1. I liked the concept of it all but I really didn't get into the story of it. I like how the whole gang is in this flash. I look forword to seeing episode 2.

GoodJob man!

can't wait

wait, why their eyes are equally green and shiny???

Certainly worth keeping an eye on

Much of what I think should be improved upon is already down below. You may or may not need any ambience in the background, difficult to say on this one, I do believe it was just fine without any real ambience, gives a fantastic sense of suspense and edge-of-your-seat thrills.

I would recommend playing around with your character imaging though. They stand out too much in contrast to the enviroments, very simple shading in relation what the enviroments around them would go a long way. Even shading in a 1-2-3 step process with minor dark/light variations could really help. The overall character presentation is cliche by a tiny amount, the baby wailing, as normal, really adds a good sense of terror in what seems like an otherwise unterrifying world, up until certain areas of course.

But with my experience with WHOOKOS being what it is I can't say I'm at all worried about any of them lol. Pity on the 'monster' which tried to sneak up behind though hehe.

All it all it is a very solid piece with some very defining animation effects, sound quality control and overall presentation of the entire animation in general. Follow some of the recommendations presented by those before me and I do believe that this series could go much much farther. Great job, great atmosphere, and I particulary enjoyed the grain effects used in contrast to the lighting.

++ my friend, fiving it because...well, when everything is all said and done this flash as a tremendous amount of potential and the story, though cliche post-apocalyptic settings, really flows much more smoothly then many full-budget movies I have seen, with less then a candy-store budget to work with.

Great job, I think I speak for many when I say that I will be keeping my eyes on you to see just where you take this. Just don't sit on it forever and a day like so many other potentially great flash animations out there.


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Above average

Can definitely see this going somewhere. Although I see room for improvement. Some suggestions for next chapter...then I shall say good things! =D

1. While the lack of some quiet creepy music gives it a sense of suspense, I feel it might be better with SOME sort of ambiance in the background. All that white silence makes it feel like it's lacking some much needed atmosphere.

2. The character models need some sort of sprucing up. More dynamic shading in spots other than their hair would probably do them justice moreso than anything else.

3. The scenes kinda dragged on at too slow a pace. It picked up nicely towards the end though, when the characters finally got in contact with one another. But in the beginning, it was slow. It was obvious that the environment was tattered from the start. No need to spend as much time as you did making your character notice this =P

That's about it though. The voice of the main character could use some sort of 'emotion' to him like the other characters. He sounded a bit monotoned. But it's not that bad.

Despite the quirks I had though, the voice overs were well recorded and pitched. the environment details were drop dead lovely and the sound quality was superb as well! Animation itself was a bit lacking due to such slow movement on the characters part (lotta tweening can be boring to watch), but they looked realistic when they say turned their head and such.

Keep up the good work though! I will be watching for more to see your improvement =3

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