Prepare to do Battle

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LadyStar is the story of seven girls who wear enchanted jewelry that can become powerful weapons. Visit our site to read our premiere webcomics, Jessica Hoshi and the Ajan Warriors and Fury of the Venom Legion. You can also read our webnovels, The Dreamspeaker, Descent into the Ivyreef Deeps and Kin Kan Musical Universe.

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Hate to be "That guy"

but sense when have a bunch of high school girls ever been the ultimate fighting force? japan maybe?

Looks good.

I will seriously consider following this series.

I just love it

Man,your art work is just awesome,im jelous of your talent.
Yet,sure its not the best out of the best,but i want to see the next flash you will make and actrually go to the site :P
Great work there ;)

`` Span ``

Elementary animation, strong artwork.

I must say, first of all, that the animation here was pretty basic, with little more than a few transition effects and a single action moment with the hero drawing her sword as the only remotely complex movement. With that said, the artwork was quite good, and certainly enough to cover for the simple Flash.

I won't patronize you by saying "work on your Flash skills and you'll really develop your skills as an animator," because I'm guessing that's not really your main ambition here. It did its job to promote your webcomics/novels, and that's all you really needed here.

On a side note, "THE GREATEST FIGHTING TEAM OF TEENAGE GIRLS EVER ASSEMBLED" made me laugh. I don't quite know why.

Very nice

I really liked how cute it looked in the beginning when they were actually watching the loading screen load. It helps that the animation used in this is simply flawless. It seems to be exactly what you would look for in a top-notch anime tribute here on Newgrounds. As it is just a trailer, it is difficult to give it a proper judging. I can at least say that it looks fantastic and it should make a very decent series. All of the characters seem to have depth to them even when their personalities are explored in such a short time.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2010
9:49 PM EDT