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Randy Neugebauers Day Out

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Too soon?

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Well... It's too long for that babykiller joke. Just like the "You lie!" and the "You're a jerk!" jokes, it's just done over and over... It's like hitting a guy with a baseball bat, first time you laugh, second time you chuckle and third time you yawn. It would be a bit of the same if Arnold Schwarzenegger said "hasta la vista, baby" every time he owns someone.

I like the style of animation though, so it ain't all that bad, you just need to know when a joke have gone too far.

funny, only because of Joe Wilson's Day Out

made me chuckle. you should have changed toe news paper he was reading. loved the crossed out credits at the end.

I'm also glad to see that you're addressing the issue that penguins can dance and do kill babies. The state controlled media just refuses to report that.

So unfunny its funny

see title

to soon....

but oooo soooo funny

eh it was sumthing to laugh at lol

lol politics these days are confusing and this proves it in a sense. eh sumtimes u jus gotta laugh at certains things. pretty cool though