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A New Place

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Hey guys remember me?

Recently, OCRemix released their Donkey Kong Country 2 album, 'Serious Monkey Business', and being a big fan of DKC2, I absolutely loved it. So much in fact I made a music video for one of the tracks, 'A New Place', a remix of Hot Head Bop. Hope you like it!

You can find the full album, filled with even more amazing DKC2 remixes, right here! http://dkc2.ocremix.org/

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This Is Awesome!!!!


Wow, that was the most close I've seen them..

winner of teh o mah gawd mah tears are crying awar

-nutcase nightmare


...most of the rating I've read on this, I'm not rating this on the merits of the graphics and the nostagia. I'm rating this on what you did this a song and the flash you made with it. You turned what the song meant and what we all believed was the story behind Diddy and Dixie and turned it into true beauty. What you created was the reality of the song and game meant to the world that percieved both, and I truly believe that what you have just made, simple though it may be to some, has touched the hearts of those who believe what both are, the reality of our world mixed with the reality of the game that gave inspiration to those who made the song that you used. This is truly the best, if not only, music video flash I have ever given a good rating to, if I gave a rating at all, and I hope that you continue to have such amazing talent at touching the hearts of those who listen and watch.