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Red Jet Rabbit

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March 22nd:
4th place! Many thanks to all of you guys!
and...whatta? ..Frontpage?! Thanks Tom!!!
Crash your car in this crazy cartoon game!!
A rabbit in LOVE drives a car with the goal to destroy it!
The game experience could be not optimally fluid on all computers due to intense graphics.
Arrow-keys and Spacebar.
Follow the in-game tutorial.
Read instructions for more info and suggestions.
Each race you collect gold and are rewarded for the damage you do to your car.
With the money you get you can buy upgrades and tools to go faster and farther, enabling you to cause even more damage! To get ALL UPGRADES play the Red Hot Edition.
SHOP walkthrough:
Page 1 - Engines to go faster
Page 2 - Exhausts to consume less fuel
Page 3 - Starters to stronger push the car into the race
Page 4 - Tricks for Track... fuel and explosive thrusts
Page 5 - Toss objets to throw on your head for big damage!

From crazy developers.... a crazy idea ...for crazy players!


Pretty nice

Except for the objects that you drop on your head. Whenever I bought them, they would either fly straight overhead or fly down in the middle of the screen which I never reached, thus making them a waste of cash.

Beyond that though, the game was nice and addicting.

Xplored responds:

Sorry, probably hte visual instructions are not so clear.
You have to select the Toss object with left/right arrows the you activate with spacebar. At this point in fact you see the item flying from right to left over your car. ONLY when you press SPACEBAR once again you toss the object. So press it at the right moment to hit the car.

A rather fun game, but.

It was a fun game. Good idea, premise, wacky upgrades which I found particularly enjoyable. The only large problems were very crippling to the experience, sadly. The game caused a lot of slowdown on my computer, and I wasnt even able to close the window down until the run was done, and if you go to fast in the game, the controls cease to respond properly, and make it almost impossible to play. Other than that, a good game, just a couple of malfunctions that need fixing.

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Xplored responds:

Sorry for that. As said above..hte game has intense graphics and particles so on some computers gives the problems you faced.
Thanks for the 7.

It's okay "I guess"

Yet another catapult-style game where you start out weak and upgrade after every round until you eventually reach a farfetched goal. There's many of these games, and there's many of these games that are better executed than this.

What you got right:

GOOD catapult games (toss the turtle, hedgehog launch) tend to start you out miserably pissweak and the first few levels are grueling and boring. This is the first catapult game I've seen that DOESN'T do that to the player, so the innitial "grind" of the first few levels is a whole lot smoother. So well done, I hope future catapult-style games imitate that

What you got wrong:

Visual noise. There's too much of it. Now, all catapult games have this problem to an extent as the player gains speed, but it's especially a problem here with lots of little props, noisy backgrounds, and trouble with depth perception. After a certain amount of upgrade, I wasn't doing anything but tapping the space bar from time to time, because anything I did with the arrow keys was prettymuch pointless.

Story. It just wasn't that interesting, nor did it make alot of sense... You're a rabbit who beta-tests an invention designed to be indestructible, and for whatever arbitrary reason, you need to destroy this invention to impress a lady rabbit you're interested in... I don't see the co-relation, and even if there is one, it's shallow in and of itself. Now, successful catapult games like Toss the Turtle don't always feature a storyline at all... But a general rule of thumb, if you're going to do a story, do it right, if you're NOT going to do the story right, don't do it at all. Do it right, or don't do it at all. Toss the turtle had no backstory, that's okay. Hedgehog Launch had a great backstory that's okay too. This had a shitty story... that's not okay.

Good catapult games like hedgehog launch shows your progress dramatically overtime. For example, when you first start out, you can barely get 10 feet off the ground before failing, but as you upgrade your arsenal, you see progress, for example, breaching the stratosphere, breaching the blue skys, seeing the curvature of the earth, flying past the moon etc... This game shows some minor ques showing the destruction of your vehicle, but none of it is very dramatic until you get to 90%, and even then, since there's no interesting reason to why you are actually trying to destroy this vehicle, there's no interesting incentive to continue.

"The wall" What? I fully upgraded my craft, invested in 3000 points worth of peripheals, and beat my record for time lasted and BOOM. I hit a giant brick wall that instantly gives me the ending... What?

The Soundtrack... It's cool in a retro way, but it's also the most undeniably annoying thing I have ever heard in my entire life... I know I'm not alone. Tone that shit down!

This game is a great action-scripting feat... As an artist, I'm very impressed, and you should be commemorated just for that... Nevertheless, good scripting and fun gameplay is not the same thing, and as a viewer, this wasn't that great.

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Xplored responds:

Thanks for the long time you dedicated in commenting deeply our title. We appreciate. And a vote 7 is quite ok, isn't it?

Not bad..

It's not really original, like you can find a lot of games like this one on the internet, and plus it seems to lag a lot, though it could just be my computer. Not Bad, but not great.

the music...


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Mar 21, 2010
9:39 AM EDT
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