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SoOpErZ sHooTeRZ

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Hey everyone, this is my first EVER game in Adobe Flash CS4, so there isn't much about it.
I sure hope to put more into this game, such as score, timer, when enemies go past the player game is over, or health goes down. I just named it sHooTeR for the fun of it.
Thanks to Oppcell of http://onenterflash.com/ for the tutorials and such.

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just one obs.: its shooting on mouse UP, instead of mouse DOWN, it gives a laggy sensation


1.needs title screen
2.needs preloader
3.needs music
4.for shooting, it appears that the code goes something like:
on(release){...code continues
when (in my opinion) it should go like:
on(press){...code continues
hope this helps

not bad

Not bad for you're first game. Though a title screen with directions would be helpful but it is pretty straight forward. Also a scoring system would be good to have.


smooth, your ship/shooter looked nice, if completely baffling as to what it was, but there was no visible effort elsewhere.


I give this score, because there are no instructions, no reason to destroy these dots.

you made a working flash game and I give you kudo's for that. If you add stuff like you say this might be playable. But until then, it wiill get a 3/10.

I will be waiting to see the improvemetns.