Shattered Heaven Act 3.3

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Shattered Heaven Act 3

Part 3

If you're going to critique me, that's great. I always welcome good advice, anything that will help me grow and get better. If you're just going to bash me, "this sucked" "you're horrible" etc, don't waste my time, or yours. Those comments will be taken with a grain of salt, or none at all.

"Fading Light"

After the battle in New York the scene turns to the UGW. With the events and the attacks on various Angel facilities reaching their climax, Gail is preparing to deal with the chaos. Solus, Serenity and Forza, oblivious to what is going on down on Earth discuss their feelings and thoughts in regards to their recent transfer to the UGW and the situation between Earth and Mars.

Adam Novus: nikedrummer33
Sharon Amare: Mochan
Stephen Novus: Stephen Alonso
Ashley Bellelus: Mippa
Mario Liberalis: Mysticshinhanku
Heather Pertencia: candi
Luscious Malum: Aramek
Gail Contandino: Photoshoptimeryan
Solus Saevio: clwinston
Forza Devinco: Sfox
Serenity Credo: Rina-chan/Haushinka
Chris Procella: Dymatrex
Keira Sequor: Merodi
Leo Ombra: Leo Rubino
Amy: Lira Tao
Demetrius Libertas: Russ
Lenard Shaw: Edwyn
Yuna Innitor: Hnilmik
Elaine Libre: Scarlotte
Freya Abby: Mirielle
Christina Effloresco: Sapphire
Jen Fama: Catoni15
Sean Repens: Rebelcheese
Mike Aquilis: Sonicmega
Marius: bomberman61


Very impressive

I do not know why, but while I can always recognize Rina-chan's voice, I think she is getting better all the time. Anyway, there was really no action in this one, but that was just fine. In addition to Rina-chan, there were a ton of great voices in this and I have to give compliments to the voice actors for it. It is a great way to flesh out the characters and I think this has one of the highest number of voice actors I have ever seen! I would love to be a part of this, but everyone says my voice is bad. The animation is also decent and it all builds up to a good story.

nikedrummer33 responds:

Yeah, I know, this one is just a passing scene. Though it's all part of the full episode which is done now, btw. I haven't posted scenes 5-8 on NG yet. It's only been done for about a week.

The complete episode, can be found here. http://azure-productions.com/sh_act3_

I will be posting the rest of them on NG this weekend. But when you watch the full episode, it really doesn't drag. Haha. I realized that by splitting up the scenes and posting them on NG makes the series seem like it's dragging because of the time between each individual scene.

Anyway, yeah the cast of this is pretty ridiculous. But being based loosely off my novel series there is a lot of characters.

Well, pm me or email me. I can always use extras. Since for the moment all the main characters have been casted.


this episode lacked action, but it was really good

nikedrummer33 responds:

Thanks. Though I would like to point out that these are never meant as stand alone episodes. Hence the "3.3", it's merely the 3rd scene of the entire 3rd episode. I've just been putting up the scenes as I finish them. On my site I have the full episodes with the opening and ending. Each episode is approx 17 mins in length.

So that's why some "episodes" don't really stand alone, it's because they're just part of the actual thing.

Consistent animation, stale voce acting.

It's understandable that doing this between work and life, the level of the animation. In most cases its consistent, and that's usually all anyone can ask for. Especially with the amount of story and action going on.

I guess my one complaint is the voice acting at times, though you have other things to attend to, it feels that some of the voice actors are just reading from a script. Albeit that's what they're doing, but it should never feel or sound as such.

I can't wait to see your improvement as the series continues.

so when for episode 4 and 5

are you still hold audations for vioce actors

Pretty good.

A bit flawed but it works well, and the voices are okay.

Character design is "cliché", hairs should not block your whole face for example.

Just.. dont reuse the same sounds over and over (the girl does the same sound twice in a row at the start)

nikedrummer33 responds:

That was actually a frame lapse, the movie clip actually begun to restart, that was not intention. I fixed it, I didn't notice it until now.

The character design was just simplified anime since I do this in spare time between life and work.

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4.37 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2010
4:16 PM EDT