Megaton Smash

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Choose your favorite character. Smash the competition.

Press SPACE to line up the three gauges as they appear. Press it also to proceed through the game at certain points.

(Inspired by "Megaton Punch" from "Kirby Superstar")


its... okay. what i never liked about megaton punch was that if your opponent breaks through the earth, it briefly pauses what you are doing. its too bad they couldn't just split the screen or something, because it usually throws me off.

cheap rip...

no offense, but it just feels like the old kirby multipack addition piece. the kirby game aired on a Snes, this is top-o-the-line flash, should be better than it is.

sorry, ill rate you higher than what the review states, but you just ripped the entire concept. truly you must know that... decent enough though, i guess.

Bakariboss responds:

Again I mentioned it in the creds. You'd know that if you beat the game.

Besides, not everyone had the joy of playing that game. I thought I'd do a favor to the new generation stuck in call of duty and bad company.

Kirby Superstar

I know this is a rip off of the kirby minigame megaton smash
although I'm not docking any points for that
hopefully next time you can improve the graphics, make more original characters, use music not from the game you ripped off, and make sure it's less buggy
so if you rip off a game make next time make sure it's better

Bakariboss responds:

Actually I mentioned Kirby Superstar and all its rights in the credits. Don't get so hostile. There is nothing new under the sun.

Also, the original game was called Megaton Punch and all the music in this piece is completely original from non-royalty sources.


GREAT GAME! i won as metaman!

Bakariboss responds:


Good, but...

Good concept. Just needs a little more depth. Also it would be good to allow the player to return to the main menu after a win.

Bakariboss responds:

There is a back button in the upper left corner

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Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2010
9:24 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS