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Gameoverse 3

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Gameoverse is brought to you by the cool cats at Playboy.com!

Gobbles and Flappers finally confront Klezdoom in this season finale!

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The dolphin is my favorite ever.

@Arkterrus, that's pretty obvious if you know anything about games at all. You don't really need to share.

I think I understand. . .
The GreatOne (1) and NegativeZero (0) are the masterminds = 0's and 1's are used in coding which makes games, like the Gameoverse. They're manipulating the characters to create chaos in the world so it will continue to exist = chaos means a plot or reason for the game character's story to begin and w/o that chaos, there is no story. that's some pretty cool symbolism - 5 Stars.

how the heck did clesding get red eyes in the dark?

i am 100% confused

good vid's but why did playboy sponser this?
why did you mess with the charly the unicorn formula?
and ... i like egorapter... rapters are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!