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It's been two years since I've submitted any Flash works here, and this is the best I could come up with?

Ah well, I still like it anyway. Animating characters that haven't been seen in motion for about four years (as far as I know) was a fun experience, along with finally trying out voice acting and animating in 24 fps. And although people around here might not care for these characters, I tried to keep their personalities loyal to their source material (the TV show).

In other words, this was a fun cartoon to make, and I hope it won't take me another two years to get something else up. Because no one wants to wait that long. :P

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It was cute

I was impressed with the ideas here of the kid screaming then it all turns to chaos, it really made it entertaining there, as for your artwork on the characters that was actually pretty good and you showed lots of effort on detail, the story could have gone into more "SCENES" though as it was mostly in that one, anyways good luck in newer stuff which i hope to see soon

Add more scenes maybe she chases him somewhere and he keeps losing her while still causing troubl or something like that

Good story funny and abit of chaos all rolled upto in one


Piggybank12 responds:

This kinda ties in with what I said in the review below this one, but you're right, the one camera angle in this doesn't really work in the second half of this Flash. The second half of this actually used a scene from the show, just presented at a different angle (the computer). It didn't really work in the long run due to there not being much there in that scene to begin with.

Could have been better

I think that the fact that you have the audio from the TV show and then made a half decent attempt to animate it was a good start, but when the psycho monkey gets out, it does leave too much to the imagination with the sound effects and the way that everything seems to need more of a working over to get it all to fit together. I've got my own imagination, so try to stimulate it and interpret what you think we should be seeing.

Various camera angles could have been used here - when the kid screams for attention, perhaps just have a cut-scene where you see the kid's face and focus on the waggling of the tonsils at the back of the throat, that seems to be what cartoons of this sort go for. I'm just ballparking at the momnet, but look at it like that and it's one more idea if you come back with more.

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Piggybank12 responds:

I did struggle with ideas on what to do with those two scenes you mentioned; they did seem lacking with content (especially the monkeys). I like the idea of the camera showing Ray Ray(the screaming kid) slowly zooming in on his screaming self you came up with though, and now I wish I had done that beforehand.

I'm still stumped with those flying monkeys though. Maybe if I had put more detail in the background (pictures, tables etc.) the monkeys could also be knocking those over too or something.

Gosh, I sure wish I came up with this stuff sooner.


I remember this show way back on Teletoon. I thought it was cancelled years ago or something...

Anyways nice animation

Piggybank12 responds:

Hmm, I'm not quite sure how many Cartoon Network shows make it onto Teletoon, or what shows for that matter.

Still, thanks for the 10. I do so appreciate it!


just.......eh....ok i guess.....

Piggybank12 responds:

I don't blame ya. That's pretty much how I feel about this too, although a bit more supportive of it. It does not try anything new that the audience has not seen in animation (unfortunately), but I tried to make it ride on what the show used in it's structure (sometimes even by just totally using segments from the show in a different light), hopefully making it enjoyable to those that have seen the show before.

That's the problem though: I doubt many on here have seen the show itself (or ever will), making the humor strange to newcomers. And things like that.

Nothing too special.

nothing too new or special. some things are repetitive.
The voices.. Whats that from!? I cant remember.

Piggybank12 responds:

They would be from the Cartoon Network show called The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. You can look them up on Wikipedia for more info.

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3.58 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2010
5:29 PM EDT