The Jungle Episode 1

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This is the Finished result of my bad flash earlier. It is called the jungle and it follows "Jack" who has been surviving in the ruins of three buildings.

F.Y.I: I'm trying to fix the problem in the part where the gray blob flies to the right of the screen, he's supposed to fly into the spear.


Decent trailer

I think that you will improve with your drawing style as you continue to animate. More drawing means more practice and therefore better quality. For example, try zooming in and using a smaller brush, so you get better control, thus when you zoom out, the piece looks batter already.

I think that you've already got a plot laid out here, so we can't be let in on what is to come. Voice acting is another thing that you need to get sorted in order to progress, but I like the way that the stage has now been set. The mysterious glowing staff that appeared can be used for something to do with the plot when that becomes more apparent.

Finally, I'd suggest that you make your pieces just a little longer, so that the viewer has a chance to get into the piece, as opposed to getting a small snippet, then reaching the end.

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Zerocxgenisis responds:

Thanks. I'll take that into consideration.

Crude, but interesting.

I'll admit, the animation is somewhat on the crude side, but it's not so terrible as to distract the viewer from the actual video. I don't know if this is the extent of your animating abilities or if you were aiming for that kind of appearance, but I suggest that you put some work into improving the animation.
The concept is interesting, though, and I'm rather curious to see where this goes.

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Zerocxgenisis responds:

Well thanks, I'm just starting out, but I'm trying.

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Mar 19, 2010
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