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We announce a new game: Olympic Adventures

You are a secret agent under guise of journalist and this time your mission is to make Russian figure skater fail Olympic competition. In order to win you should pay attention to a letter with your mission at the beginning of the game and read it carefully. Good luck.

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Walkthrough: In the first scene, you mess with Julia.
You talk to Jonathan Hensley. Jonathan leaves to get you a cup of tea. He says "I'll be back in a minute..." Click on the cup. Drop a pill into his cup.
You mess with Natalia. You mess with Katya.
In the final scene, Julia leaves to take a shower. Click on her skates. This is probably what everyone misses. Click on the skates to spoil the skates, before you mess with Julia. If you do all these steps, your mission should be a success.

That outro music is on point. the sex scenes were pretty cool. i failed the mission but it was fun

Personally, I don't really care about the white screen when the guy climaxes, but to be fair, the sex scenes were rather short, so that's why I gaave it only 4.5 stars. But it's an overall nice game.

PS: In case anyone's curious about the source, the source H-Game for this one is called Sister Scheme 2. Julia and her friend Katya are actual sisters in the original source eroge.

Fantastic game!

With only three problems to my mind: one slight (technical/cosmetic), one medium-size but negotiable, the third genuinely tricky, which conflicts me a bit (and calls for a deduction). ...

PLEASE DON'T FEEL YOU HAVE TO READ ON! I'm going to write a long review for reasons that will become clear ... skip it if it's boring for you (the three TIPS might be good to look at, though!)

Let's get the technical glitch out of the way first. Like a lot of these related games, there's an odd four-time "whiteout" of the screen when the guy gets to his ejaculation. Scary for the guy, no doubt, almost losing consciousness while cumming - more a buggy distraction for a player!

Let's look at Julia though. Yeah, let's! Fabulously done (& not just by the guy): beautifully drawn and animated. Her blowjob is one of the finest sights & scenes I've known in an online sexgame (even if her collarbone may be slightly misplaced across her chest! :D ). The top 'camera angle', her luscious, richly contoured breasts, her resolutely surging head movement and enveloping lips, the single-minded focus in her eyes as well - plus their cute little blink - the shaping of her arm, her attractively spread hair, even the fine placement of her fingers, and the fine coloration of her whole body - take a bow, whoever crafted this artistically brilliant scene! ~ For the fucking, her body is a bit more 'stylized', but still fkin beautiful in every way. And even when she's standing, cooperative with those big loyal eyes, the (playfully unrealistic, but who cares) bouncy lolling of her Venus breasts is great too. 12/10 for Julia!

Katya is also pretty gorgeously 'done' - buxom, sweeping body contours, 'lighting' and coloration. It's only because her best friend is a complete classic that K is second best (10/10 - wayyyyyy above your average hentai in both artistic and erectile quality! ).

So now, the biggest problem in the game for me, and the reason I can't give 5 stars - though those two girls deserve 6 stars and more, just for them and their scenes! Julia's kid sister. Hmm. Hmmm. Esp in sex, Nat looks to me (face, body and pained expression) verrrry young. Disturbing ... less for the 'obvious reasons', than it actually made me feel sorry for the kid (not excited). I just wanted to get back to the grown-up girls, mature (- and how! ...) and enjoying sex as they clearly are.

Anyway, back to all that's good about the game ... and also unusually tricky ....

TIPS for players. (These pick up good tips previously left by other reviewers - which I needed - I played the game four times before I worked it out! ~ but I'll make the tips less "spoily"!)

1. TAKE NOTES of your mission at the start. The blurb under the box hints as much: but the risks of "going wrong" are hidden in the game, and there are no second chances if you fluff a line or a chance, your mission will be doomed without you realizing it! For example: ....

2. JULIA'S TRAINER. Don't just wait for your drink. Look carefully in the room for anything important ;) ... or you'll miss it. Without knowing.

3. JULIA (part 2). Like me, you may be dazzled by the beauty, and/or fond memories of her fantastic blowjob .... and miss something else. Don't just gallop after her into the bathroom to shag her for all you're worth. AGAIN: Look carefully in the room for anything important ;) ... or, AGAIN, you'll miss it. This may be a unique case in gaming (?) where you have directly to disobey instructions that a game gives you - DON'T follow the sign blindly. ~ How bloody treacherous a game is this? :-O

Which brings us to the third (to me medium, negotiable) problem, which is central to the game. From the start of the game, you see it's a wicked game - cue Chris Isaac? - a game of treachery.

It's a thoroughly mean game, as other reviewers have noted. EVIL, SPYING, SABOTAGING, eeek LOVE- AND BEAUTY-BETRAYING BASTARD is your enforced role in the game. Mean mean mean! And conflicting, if you are not too much inclined to glee about such things - even in a game. ~ Well, what I called negotiable is, if you're unhappy about it, rest assured you can first be sucked off by and then roger perhaps the most gorgeous girl in toon sex games ( :D ), AND have her best friend (and thirdly, if you really must, ....), and let the lovely Julia still win, all emissions but no missions accomplished. It's what I did three times (but curiosity and experience turned me traitor the fourth time ...). Also, consider that if skates were sabotaged and collapsed, a champion skater would in reality probs appeal and get a successful rerun anyway ... whether she's a Sex Venus or not ;)

Finally, some suggestions to the game creator(s) from a mainly delighted player:

1. Whiteouts .... tho not a huge bug

2. Natalia ... ermmm .....

3. Please, more of Julia!!!! ~ Perhaps a more theatrical ending? (The curtain falls with a thump with a scoreboard for your mission accomplished (or not). Would it be good at least to have a scene (or even still image) of Julia either triumphant - gold medal and flowers for a talented and sex-ripe Venus!!!!! - or slipping and falling. The latter would at least give successful players a final chance to feel very, VERY guilty for what they have done to the sex goddess! :) (Bonus might be for her to be wearing no panties as she goes down and her skirt flips up ....)

4. More of Julia, please!!!! - Would be nice, and only fair, to have a sequel - Olympic Adventures II (Julia's Comeback) - where the player can help our heroine to SUCCESS with observant support, cunning strategy and as much more sex with her as humanly possible. ... ~ ~ ~ Alternatively:

5. (More Julia anyway) ~ The sequel has the player (in every sense) fking around with all her rivals, instead of with J. Could be a marathon, though, that .... and spy might need to have a different name!

Basically I'm saying about this game: highly inventive, strategically ingenious, fascinatingly treacherous, massively sexy game, barring one main v eeeeky big problem .... that apart, more of these, please, more, more!!!!! And congratulations on the creation of Julia.

Although the game is as good as always, i can't give a higher rating because you make me play the bad guy. And even doing this kind of underhand work is out right cruel. :(

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3.22 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2010
5:03 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating