CoolJaw: T.T. III-V

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Things become clearer, as they get darker...
Watch them in order, or none of this will make any sense, links to prior comics in the select comic page!

I respond to all reviews unless you're an asshole.
- Celx


Review Request Club

Awesome. Again, really great artwork, nice backgrounds, another development of the plotline...not really giving anything much away, but answering a few tiny questions. Enough for closure's sake, but nowhere near enough to make a person be able to stop here and think they'd seen enough of the story, especially given the rather massive present-time cliffhanger you put on in the previous episode. Though I am wondering just how you'll start wrapping this up, as (theoretically) you only have two more episodes left of this chapter to do...needless to say, I'm intrigued as to what's coming. So again...really great work. But now I have to be pedantic again, if only because your artwork and plot only leave room for the pedantic things to be criticised.

I agree with Coop that 'inevitable' would have been a better word choice, because...it's just far more foreboding. Both inevitable and eventual mean pretty much the same thing, but inevitable as a word feels a whole lot more like there's ABSOLUTELY no escaping it, and it's imminent, and it's coming right now. Eventual is more...lethargic? Like "Yeah, doom is coming...maybe. Could be a year or so still...". It's just semantics, but they're definitely a powerful tool at your disposal, and two words of exactly the same meanings can give off entirely different implications.

There were a few grammar errors, as before, but nowhere near the amount as last time. So I'm just going to eschew my pedanticism, list the ones I found and speak no more of it. :P
"Malik I have cancer I'm dying"=> "Malik I have cancer, I'm dying"
"the arms dealer sent us bits, & pieces" => "the arms dealer sent us bits & pieces"
"Malik, & I" => "Malik & I"

And speech bubble thing...was better than in the last episode. There was a definite sequence where one bubble came out JUST before the other, so your eye went to that one first and you just generally had more of a chance to get the conversation the right way around, but I think if you're going to continue with the animated speech, that gap between the two or more speech bubbles could maybe be extended even more, just to affirm the order of conversation.

So...yes. Still awesome, I'm still hooked, curious as to how you'll finish this chapter off...still a few slight things that could be improved, but they were vaguely negligible and were much improved since the last episode. Keep it up! And sorry again for the ramble. xD

-Review Request Club

Celx-Requin responds:

I'll try to spice up the spoken dialect from now on...
- Celx

Good flashback

But I would say "he trudged towards the inevitable", as opposed to walked towards the eventual. This sort of writing does make one hell of a difference when there are so few words actually used in pieces like this.

The graphics are decent, as is the plot exposition. I love the way that you've done the flashback, but you are still going to need to work on the positioning of the speech bubbles. The pane where the guy sitting in the wheelchair was talking to the speaker-phone was set fine, except for the positioning of the speech bubbles.

I know that you've got the talent for this and perhaps with the basic sketch of the scene, it would be beneficial to your pieces if you then tried to fit the speech bubbles in a certain order, I think you would find it much more rewarding.

[Review Request Club]

Celx-Requin responds:

Interestingly enough i actually did have this debate with myself, the reason why I decided to use the "eventual line" instead of "inevitable line" is because I was making a very subtle homage to Kings short story "Everything is eventual"...

I guess no one got it :(
- Celx


As with the other episodes, this is amazing, creepy maybe, but definetely amazing. The storyline keeps me caught up and i simply cant look away ocne ive started.

Like haggard i like the fact that u answer certain questions that ud set up before but at the same time give the story another twist and send it spiralling in a new direction. It sure keeps the whole thing interesting and it definetely works at creating a dark and detailed atmosphere.

Overall, nice work once again, keep up the good work.

=Review Request Club=

Celx-Requin responds:

Yes building atmosphere is super important to a story, I wanted this comic to have a really nightmarish feeling to it.

- Celx

Good storytelling

I like the way you tell the story. You give out some hints and answer some of the questions that you raised in previous chapters.
But even by answering some of the questions you raise even more questions. Very nice way to keep the viewer interested. :)

I think the backgrounds here look very good, they add a lot to the comic.
I still have some problems to identify the characets, though. But that doesn't take away too much of the awesomeness. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

Celx-Requin responds:

I do give alot of hints early on, which is why if you go back the "CoolJaw O.S. III" when Colin is in the bathtub you can see the shrapnel scars on his body.

I feel giving hints and clues early on gives a comic additional value because people can go back and pick up on stuff the second time they didn't pick up on the first time...

One of my favorite films is "green for danger" exactly for this reason.
- Celx

Awesome serie

Man, I really like this serie, I think it's very misterious and creepy, you make a nice work with the story and with the art, too...

The art fits very well to the story concept, it seems that a disturbed person was drawing it, and this only makes the story way better!

I didn't understand a lot of things, but as you said, the things are becoming clearer to us, you are making a great story, I really want to see the last episode of the serie, I think it'll be a killer end!!

The movie is becoming greater, your criativity is very good, I expect to see a great end, man, keep it up w/ the nice concept!!

(Review Request Club)

Celx-Requin responds:

Thanks Roger.
- Celx

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Mar 18, 2010
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