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Book of the almost dead

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And old one XD that i never made the voices... i asked fro if he would like to make them and he said yes... i get his audio today... and you got the flash today lol...

PS: I hate you people :D

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice...hates people >:)

"will i like egypt its so poor in there but...little shortly its not a god its osirs how do YOU know egypt? idiot...Oh and and hey"
PS: i hate you too :D >:P

MonoFlauta responds:


I felt like reviewing this lol

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Lol, this was made a long time ago. I'm happy it was made a long time ago because if Uzbekistan was animated like this then I would have blammed it. :P Ha, just joking, believe it or not it's still much better than anything that I can do with drawings in flash! I can only do sprite stuff, there is something about drawing with a mouse that I just can't seem to get down.

There just needs a lot of work to make this better and I don't know where to start the review. Animation needs to be smoother, graphics need to be better, backgrounds need to be much better, the details need to be better, etc...

~ Story/Content ~

That was really dumb lol. No, I think the plot was actually alright, but it's just the animation and poor graphics that make it seem boring. I like that he had to go through all of the tests, but it really just didn't show up good on the screen. For example, I have no idea what the little dots were at the end that hit the guy.

It might actually be a story you would want to work on and redo in the future. I don't know for sure, but I can see it working.

~ Audio ~

The voices sucked for this one. I was really rushed to do them and well.. I figured an old flash really didn't need amazing voices so they were just done randomly one night. I do like the effects that I found for the voices though.

The music is by far the best thing in this submission. Great job with the music choice there!

~ Overall ~

This flash is only really good for showing how you have improved as an artist and flash animator. I keep my bad things up to for exactly this reason. Keep working hard and hopefully Pyroscape 2 turns out better than this. :P

PS: I hate you too.


ok to start off i know its an older flash but still it must be reviewed of standards of today, so here it goes, the "MENU" screen its a real nice menu screens and relates to the movie at hand, now like in those times from the movie, "EGYPTION" times, there was "PILLARS" i think that you should have had some pillars on the menu screen like one on each side of the screen, it would have made for a niceer menu then you already have, Your characters are notbad, i like the basic look you gave them, and as for the backrounds there was some small gradients that were ok but thought you could have gave the backround colors more texture then just the basic gradients, add more shaeds and line work aswell, also i noticed the characters were just one art prop, with no animation from limbs and such, give them more life and make there arms and limbs more animated, even a turning of a head or blinking of eyes will help in bringing them to life more, so its an ok flash but can use some improving

Add some egyption pillars to the menu screen, backrounds need more shading and line work, more animation from your characters are needed

a simple and older flash but still needs some work


MonoFlauta responds:

greath thanks a lot... its really usefull "things to improve on"


just improve the graphics because i think i know the concept you're trying to imply in this movie.

MonoFlauta responds:

oks thanks

bad at best

This movie didn't really have a single thing in it to please me. Almost everything in it was done in tweens which never ever can work with a walk cycle. The voice acting didn't have to much good character in it and got pretty redundant. All of the graphics in this movie were made with gradients and straight lines so everything in it looked plain and ugly. But you already disclosed that this movie is old obviously before you got your sense of coloring things right so you shouldn't mind this review.