Luigi's Castle Calamity

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Yee! Frontpaged :P

Now Luigi is trying to dinamyte those castles!.
An inspiration from the falsh "Mario's Castle Calamity" by bigfoot3290

Title Theme:
Bob - Omb Battlefield. - Mario 64

Luis Bruno Díaz (Batiboy)

Joseph Aldrich Fölktergeist (JosephAS1)

check my youtube channel out www.youtube.com/JosephAS1


great movie,but wish there was a numbur 2

because that will be awesome also wish there was a game from that .that will be cool as hell blowing up castles 10 out 10

4, 5, and 11 were pretty funny!

This is the first time in a while that a sprite movie that has hit the front page other than SMBZ, and I've gotta say I laughed pretty good. The animation was top notch compared to what I've seen recently for attempts at good sprite movies, but even though as I previously stated that "I laughed pretty good" most of the jokes were a tad overused from other authors, although they are certainly a great build up towards the last bit of skits. It's also nice to see that the sprites you used are from Super Mario World compared to the also overused Mario & Luigi sprites, so that's certainly a plus for bringing back nostalgic moments, and hopefully we will see more people use older sprites compared to the Gameboy Advance sprites.

Looking forward to more of your work.


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Nice one !

To give you a trusting review I watched the one from Bigfoot and yours. Well, the Mario one from Bigfoot is very nice. But in my eyes you did a better job. The animation seems to be a little more smooth than the Mario one and the effects are great ! I didn't laugh my ass off, but that's okay. It is a well planned flash with a nice giggle humour. In fact, I found it so great when Yoshi tried to swallow the castle, but ended up crushing into it and Luigi was like "Oohhh goood, It'll never end up good, will it ?".

So, be proud and keep up the good work. I am really impressed !

9/10 = Almost perfect !

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This is pretty interesting. Sure you got the idea form the Mario Version, but it has some interesting ideas, and ways of how to NOT destroy a castle. Good job.


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Wasn't the best i didn't laugh at it but you had good music 1 star did a good job with the sprites 2 stars all the sounds were correct 3 and i liked your grammer 4.

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4.21 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2010
3:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody