Wario & Waluigi Episode 2

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Their was move I wanted to do with this but my computer crashed and this was the only copy!
That's life for you.
Anyways, this episode was made in celebration of "the Legend of Zelda." which turns 25 this year! This flash will be my last submission for a while.


Please Note:If you HATE sprite movies, then don't watch and don't review/comment!

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REALLY. really, reaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy BAD ! ORIGINAL ARTWORK .... UMMMMMMM NOPE ..... Crappy overused content and storyline?CHECK : RESULTS TRAIN TO ABOMINATION WOOOOOOOOOOOO boooommmmmmmmmm ........ It just blows dude. I'm being serious when I tell you you need to stop making sprite movies, kuz it's just a waste of talent dude : ( , if you wanna become modest and awesome, you need to aspire to drawing movies .. and if you can't draw .. why are you on newgrounds? That's what I think at least. this review needs to be a message to all those who sprite as well... just my opinion so lay off please too, allright ? I'm human too.. so no hard feelings, best of luck and I'd be really impressed if you actually attempted a drawn movie. Aspire to greatness man. 1/5 for production value only.

Pretty good

I liked it because I like Wario & Waluigi. I just think you need to do a few small fixing up like gramma. It was also a bit long but that didn't bother me. Keep it up!


Nice try but it made me want to take a nap. It needs something to really grab me at the beginning to keep me watching. Instead it felt like too much "blah blah" with nothing really happening. Keep trying. It's an improvement on the last one and progress it a good thing.


it was alright, worth watching but put more effort into it


This flash makes me sad.

Needs grammar improvements, plot improvements, character improvements, and real credits state the animator, sources, etc.

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4.23 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2010
9:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original