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An intense, highly challenging arena shooter with a classically retro style. Use the bullet time feature to help you survive the 64 waves of vector assassins and swarms of bullets.

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why invincibility


2nd place of the day

Pretty fun

It is hard to find original games given all the games I have played, so this is not the most creative game that I have played. It is still cool to see this format being used. I like how even in its simplicity, it manages to be a pretty cool game, simply because it's so fun. I did not even know when I was getting powerups for any reason. It was fun to just shoot hoardes of those little square guys over and over. There is not much else to say, except that it did not have anything negative about it.

Pretty good

I love games like this, so it's always good to see a new one come along. There's nothing too unique about this one, but it's a fun, solid production.

Music was really good, I don't think it changed with the gameplay but it seemed to fit surprisingly well with the action at times.

The enemies were all fairly standard but there was a good mix of them and the AI worked well. I only got halfway so maybe I missed out on the really interesting ones.

Graphically it's simple but a few of the touches like the rotating background gave it an impressive look overall.

Only thing I didn't like was being shoved back to stage 1 when I died. I like games that I can keep working at until I complete them.

You could definitely make a great sequel from this, hope to see more from you. Nice work.