The 5 Shades of Orange

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10 Artists.
1 Theme.
5 Shades!

Welcome to the newest of The Five Shades collaborations, back after years since the last. Today we tackle Orange, with the theme word being "Ring". Artists were asked to use five specific shades of Orange to create whatever animations their imaginations could provide.

For more of The Five Shades, check out the home of the series right here on Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com /collection/thefiveshades .html

Artists include: Flying Giraffe, Nayhan, Falling, Carton O' Milk, Carrot Cake, Tim P., Thomas Todd, Cloud Eater, JKR, and Bogoblin. A huge thanks to everyone who participated! EDIT: And SUPER thanks for the front page honor. We all appreciate it greatly!


Why is this...

The runes at the end out Cloudeaters (3rd bottom row) say "Humans are worthless"

Not my cup of tea

no pun intended. I will however admit i did read the comments as i usualy do to get some sort of idea on what im watching and i watched the firsts two then skipped tto this "CarrotCake's marvelous submission" as said by Sausau. and i was un impressed. However i loved the idea of the single color pallet! So keep it up and i will look through some more to see if i end up liking one or two :)

tough crowd

it's the idea thats good but some are realy lame like the last one others are good

You're seeking the love I'm using my force

In preambule, I'll tell all the retards here that white and black are both a shade of orange since they are a shade for every colour.

And now to the beef, this is a bad collab. By bad collab I mean it's the regular collab you see on newgrounds, just a bunch of untalented artists who make a flash about a shared subject, and then just gather them all together, but they never WORK TOGETHER which is the basis of a collaboration. Oh well, untutored youth. But seriously, apart from CarrotCake's marvelous submission, the rest is worthless. It's poorly executed for every of them though sometimes there is a good idea pointing at the horizon, but you guys have no idea how to use it. And sometimes it's just plain dull, for example Tim's submission.

However, as I said, carrot cake's submission is so good I would probably give it a 9 or a 10 if it had been released as a standalone, but drowned in this mud, it almost loses its greatness. Almost.
If you guys want to improve, next time WORK TOGETHER on a unique movie and this, will be at least interesting.

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JKR responds:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I think you missed the point of this collab. It isn't to work together, it's to glory in the differences that appear when you're given a common theme and DON'T work together. To see the variety that ensues as a result. And to grow as an artist, because working with a specific color pallet makes you change what you might otherwise do. It is also a series that began half a decade ago right here on Newgrounds. It is specific and it is not about working together, but coming together with the differences that make us unique as individual artists.

I have no doubt it was NOT "worthless" as you claim, for several people already have said they enjoyed it. Since they derived joy from simply watching it (and we the authors improved our skills simply by creating it) it is impossible for it to be worthless.

Again, thanks for sharing your opinion and leaving a review. I'm sorry you didn't personally enjoy it, but I'm sure there's plenty around Newgrounds that you will. :)


The first, fifth, ninth and tenth were good (maybe good is too much for the last one but it was ok at least) other than that they were just weird and made no sense at all. Although, Newgrounds does get some weirdos from time to time who make wierd pointless cartoons and in a rare instance (salad fingers?) they catch on so to each their own I guess...

JKR responds:

Well thanks for taking the time to leave a review. The nice thing about collaborative efforts like this is that you get artists from all points in their journey, so some might be farther along that others. It's a great experience, though, to join together and see what comes from an experiment like this. You never quite know what you might learn!

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Mar 17, 2010
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