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Them Little Green People

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Edit : Front Page?! Alright! Thanks everyone! Thanks NG Crew! :D

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
This is my tribute to the green beer drinkin day we have to honor a saint. How fun is that.

I actually animated this for a Contest at Albinoblacksheep.com, so thats fun.

Made this in about 2 weeks, maybe working around actually 9 days to finish this? I donno, Im a busy student. Fatkidwitajetpack did the voice for the little green guy, so kudos to him.

Anyhow, Enjoy my animation and vote teh 5 sors like lul. (now thats nerdy)

P.S. what you think will happen wont happen.

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can i just say me and my brother sat down and watched this and we laughd our freiken heads of espeicially the funny faces when it came to the weel good vid man


that was funny

I didn't think it was that good

I didn't get alot of the jokes. I guess it was funny when he cheated to get the gold. And when the camera man was holding up the cards for the death guys, that was kinda funny too. Now Pokemon Pee Red, that was funny.

very funny

I loved how you tried to put little jokes into the scenery... such as the "made in china" tag on leprechaun's hat... and the pac man on the Satanist que-card...


Poor Sheep