Veggie Boy - Healthy Diet

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sorry if this movie is rubbish (like all my others)
im still new to flash and im young of age


It was cute

You have a cute game here the character was cute aswas the humor you gave it, i like all the bright color and simple humor, nice job all around on this, it can be slightly improved maybe abit longer

I would like to see this improve such as longer episodes , introduce more characters, and even longer dialog scenes


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Ok for a noob

Yeah you are good at what you do. Obviously, you need to keep practicing but you should know that already. Everyone starts out some where and yours is here. haha


Sound, even the slightest sound effects would have made this much better.


Dont apologize for you age, that has nothing to do with how good your flash animation skills are, and dont put down your vid calling it rubbish if you put time and thought into it.... If you didnt and you could have made a much better vid, then dont bother posting (rubbish) in the first place.

what has happened to newgrounds?

a movie about eating healthy? okay i guess. i dont know who your target audience is... as its not really in the right place... but moving on, the animation wasn't bad... i would have preferred the characters to have voices but animating mouths is a pain, so whatever. i barely had any ammount of time to read the captions, and they didnt pop, i noticed that there was text in the bottom left corner. it didnt pop from the backround, so i didn't have time to react nor read it. dont get me wrong this isn't a horrible flash, but it has a few key factors that cripple the expirence.

nice to see you animating again. :)

Your animation is less chopy in this one. I suggest for the next one to put sound and a background... and may be a little better graphics. :P

other than that, I like it.

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2.37 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2010
3:41 PM EDT