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Discover the name of the hidden animal in the photo before the candle goes off. Make click on the virtual keyboard to choose the letters.

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Nice twist of hangman

This game was alright, its basicly a twist from the classic "HANGMAN" but you made it up just abit differant, the graphics are pretty decent though and the effects seem to work well with all that is seen, nice job on this classic game

What to improve hmm, make more word type things like with a variaty of em.


I like it :)

The game overall was all right, as well as rather easy. The images of the animals, as blurred as they are, can still be made out fairly easily. Perhaps to add difficulty you could make it a zoomed in picture instead of pixelated one. It would be tougher than just blurred silhouettes that can be easily read by people that look at animals enough to know them.

Perhaps other game modes would be good too...perhaps one without a timer or a faster timer...or maybe a survival mode that gives you only a certain number of mistakes through the whole game. Just some ideas.

I liked this game as I said before, and I wouldn't mind seeing an updated version in the furture.


First thing i found wrong is that the animal cheetah was spelt wrong, its cheetah not cheeta it may seem like a small trivial thing but when you make a game based on spelling. those are the thing you have to be pedantic about.
I do on the otherhand like how the picture gets less pix-elated as you go along to make it easier on the player.
also the interface is nice.
you need to think of new ideas to place into this game to add a more addictive feeling to catch the players making them want more as the same thing gets old quickly.

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2.38 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2010
6:16 AM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz