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Dimensions and Such

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I was thinking for a science project; "I'll make a flash movie!"
2 months later and its dew in 1 week, procrastination at its finest.
Finally got it done though so might as well post it on Newgrounds.
It is an informational flash about the 10 dimensions.
Also check out my other videos!

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very informative and easy to understand. The animation definitely helped understanding as well. But what about string theory's idea of dimensions?
1: length
2: width
3: height
4: time
5-11: these various dimensions define how the "strings" in string theory move.
If we were to include your 5-10 dimensions with string theory's 5-11, we would have 25 different dimensions (the string theory dimensions are physical space, not like yours which are timeline wise)! But I wouldn't hold that against you, it is YOUR animation and project anyways. 4/5 8/10 nice!

P.S. Good luck on the project! An animation is sure to stand out! (A+ in my book)

P.P.S. Yes I'm 15 years old and yes I know a lot about string theory. I R SMRT!

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Hm. Not bad

I kinda like this sorta thing, so i am pleased with this. Your voice was knda boring, so i only gave it a 4 and a 9, but other wise it was just fine. Good Job.

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boomkinguy responds:

My voice is very boring, thank you :]

really good

hope you get an A +!

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boomkinguy responds:


Kind of Interesting

You could have spoken faster. It went by too slowly and kept losing my attention.

boomkinguy responds:

I wrote down a script, and I wanted to go slow so I wouldn't miss anything / be misunderstood.


Hope you get an A. Good luck

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Mar 15, 2010
9:14 PM EDT