Constellation Chaos

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As you jet off to different stars, you leave a constellation trail behind you. The longer these constellation trails are, the higher the score will be. These trails also act as your " bullets", because they destroy the enemies you will encounter.
Read the ingame instructions for further understanding.

Pressing R while playing will reset.

This game is made with Flixel ( http://flixel.org/ ). Thanks to Adam Atomic




Maybe I don't get it? I click stars, and it goes to them, and then eventually a black thing hits me. Fun?

Good Game

It is a very good game, but on yoyo games there is a near exact copy of this game, which came out a long time ago. Now because I cant find it you can say it doesn't exist... and it very well may not, but if you happened to get this idea from that game then give it credit.

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andy00black responds:

Hey yeah, Scattle made that. This is a flash port of it. He said he preferred that it wasn't mentioned in the description because he likes this version more, I think. We're considering it a prototype. Him and I made this together, and it is meant to be the same game, with much more polish. Good call, though.
(The old link is here by the way: http://www.yoyogames.com/games/83150-
constellation-chaos )

Good, but

It became way too repetitive too fast. I only played a few minutes of this game and I'm already done playing. It leaves me wanting more, but not in the good way. Good effort though I did enjoy it.


i thought there might be more to this game like having to make 'real' constellations from memory or from in game tutorial with higher points being awarded to more complex constellations, nice concept just could have been put together with more thought and precision

andy00black responds:

Yeah I really wanted to make some sort of constellation recognition but I ended up deciding it was more complicated than it was worth, both in difficulty to program it and in difficulty for players to understand it. Anyway thanks for playing

Not my cup of tea

This was, without a doubt, one of the most original games I have ever played. The only reason I didn't like it was because of the vagueness of the instructions.
The gameplay was smooth, not too hard, not too easy, and I loved the graphics. Very retro.
A good, original game that I hope others will appreciate more than I do.

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3.61 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2010
6:17 PM EDT
Action - Other