Constellation Chaos

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As you jet off to different stars, you leave a constellation trail behind you. The longer these constellation trails are, the higher the score will be. These trails also act as your " bullets", because they destroy the enemies you will encounter.
Read the ingame instructions for further understanding.

Pressing R while playing will reset.

This game is made with Flixel ( http://flixel.org/ ). Thanks to Adam Atomic



Fun retro game

I really enjoyed its simplicity, yet addictiveness.

The basic game play is fun and I can picture it being expanded greatly.

Good stuff.

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I liked the setup. The laser feature did not do anything when I got it. It acted more like a flashlight than anything else. Fun nonetheless.


Cool game, but it needs more

What you have right now should be the arcade mode, or endless mode or w/e you want to call it.

With that you should include a single-player "story" mode. not saying there should be a story, just that you should have a set of levels with preset stars in different shapes, different frequencies of enemies, time limits etc. And that way you can pick up at the beginning of each level if you die.

That'd give it a lot more replay value and fun.

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I like it it just let me say this: You should get lives before you respawn. I had two stars left and I missed by a little tiny bit and my bouncey saver is gone and I blow up. So

1.) Add lives ( -2 )
2.) Add Difficulty ( -2)

andy00black responds:

The bouncey saver is basically lives (though enemies kill you instantly anyway). In the original game, hitting the wall killed you instantly.
As for the difficulty, a lot of people seem to be saying that it's pretty difficult as is. I personally agree with you, and would like the game more if it were more challenging

good one

now this is an original retro game but it needs more stuff im w8ing for a sequel

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3.61 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2010
6:17 PM EDT
Action - Other