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Lucky Day Forever-trailer

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Hello Newgrounds!

This thing here is a trailer for "Lucky Day Forever", a 15-minute animated short currently in production, my debut as a "pro" writer-director.

About time I put this thing together. Enjoy.

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This was beautiful and sad at once, but of course the music made it sound legitimately hopeful. Of course, this is a work by Sarcazm so I know I'm in for a dystopian, satirical treat. But the way everything was presented just makes me want to chip into a lottery of my own and wonder if there's going to be some sort of Pyrrhic victory somewhere. I'm going to enjoy watching the full length animation!

Must watch for every human on earth. NG should give you 5 stars, anyone who gives you less should see his account banned forever.

lots of sexual referancing(spelling?) the product that looks like a shampoo bottle,also looks like a penis. XD this is the epitome of what the media is forcing upon the young and the poor in circumstace. well....kinda. :P

The trailer hardly does any justice for the film
Everybody must see it.
I don't think i can watch any other films/animations on newgrounds anymore.
It's almost unfair how high this film sets the bar.

I remember seeing this on the front page about 2 years ago. I was less versed in arts and in the media of short films as a whole back then. I am no expert, but I must say it was so astounding to finally see the finished project. It made me think about the symbolism you used (the same way you intended) but also about (because of this trailer) how hard work can pay off over time. It was good to see some familiar parts of the trailer in the final project, because I honestly was waiting for this to come out since 2010. I'm going to start to ramble if I keep trying to express the feeling I get when it all came together. So, I'll leave you with this: Kudos. Make more plz. kthx.