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FullMetal Fan Flash

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Author Comments

xKresse says: This would be my first-ever foray into the world of animation, and it really did take longer than i wanted to, seeing as stuff generally gets in the way of creativity and all that. Anyway I'm more than happy with the way it turned out so enjoy ^^. Also, I may consider making a second one depending on how successful this one is so if anyone wants to PM me with suggestions for songs or jokes I'm happy to listen.

Berzerker459 says: I am NOT responsible for that silly (CSI Miami) Joke! Anyway, it took longer than I thought, but shorter than I expected. Gotta say it looks pretty damn cool though.

P:S I forgot to add to the credits that Berzerker459 did the audio for this aswell. And a damn fine job of it too ^^.

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Armstrong sexyback=win.

ha it's funny!!!!

i love FMA and FMAB,so loved it need 10/10 5/5
made a good job here


do I laugh or scream?


this is WTF funny


Its awesome and funny. But the animation is kind of pixaly.