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final D.S.M test

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i am soo sorry this is might be annoying and a waste of time to some of you guys but i couldn't drag this out any more. this animation was jus an idea i had in my head one day and was kinda a spur of the moment thing. i promise my next animation will be cool and way better than this. right click n play to start it(again, my apologies :( )


2 cents

will you are getting there since the first one you uploaded. its great practice to try and figure out what you want to do in a animation. stick to a idea and just run with it. shoot throw in some ninja pandas for no reason. its flash have fun with it.

Good attempt

For what it's worth, I thought you did an all right job.

Aside from the movie not being finished, here are my criticisms:

1) Download a NG pre-loader!! It's free, and you can put it in front of all of your animations really easy! Comes with a free play button and everything. =)

2) The speech bubbles need to stay up longer. They're too quick to read.

3) Finally, the animation was good, but a little too fast. Being a bit more patient and adding more frames with smaller movements will fix that right up.

Nice job! =)

kaos83 responds:

thanks alot!! i never knew that
seriously, thanks

Should've Saved for Later

I think there's some potential in this. Did you have a deadline? If not, I think you should have toyed with it more. Some parts of the animation, such as the flip, weren't half-bad. If you flesh out some more-detailed character designs over the bones, and add some unique bits to separate this from other typical "random fight scene" Flashes, this could be good!

Keep in mind that quality is better than quantity. If you can't work on it any more but it's not finished, set it aside. You might have new ideas and inspiration later!

(BTW, the NG Preloaders can take care of your "right click > Play" issue in a snap.)

kaos83 responds:



I know this is a preview, but you could just use the NG preloaders on this site. As for the Flash itself, it could have been more drawn instead of a plain ol' stick figure fight. Use sounds effects as well instead of the music.

kaos83 responds:


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1.88 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2010
1:55 AM EST