Present for my Mom

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One of my first flash projects, so it's nothing special. This was for my mom's birthday.


very clever

This is one of the really positive things the internet can be used for without getting gooey sweet or preachy. Bravo.

not bad for a first

I'll chime in along with everydaycombat below, in that the voice acting could have been turned up a notch or two - it did seem a tad "flat" emotionally, but I still thought this was a cute animation. Hope your Mom enjoyed it, and I hope we'll see more of your work here in the future! *Yoink!*

Very Cute.

The story was actually pretty endearing! I could tell you spent some time on this. I'm sure your mom loved it.

As you continue to make Flash movies, I'd suggest adding a little more emotion to the vocals--cartoons, especially with a silly premise such as this, can benefit from a little over-acting. Don't underestimate the aesthetic value of backgrounds, either. Unless it's pertinent to the story/location, anything is better than a plain white background.

Anyways, cute overall. Definitely fulfilled your purpose, I hope? Keep making movies!


minja + pool + balcony =


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Nice from your part :)

The story was very well elavorated and it had its moments. I think your mom will really love this animation you made for her. Congratulate your mom from my part, lol. Tell her a stranger from the internet says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Just kidding, that would be kinda perv... anyways, nice animation, keep 'em going! I really liked the animation

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Mar 14, 2010
12:11 AM EST
Comedy - Original