Dodgin Beats: Sonic

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Finally, its here! Dodgin Beats: Sonic. A fun avoiding game, play as sonic to dodge the musical beats in the game. Look out for the shield! Finish a song with the shield and get a 50 point Bonus!

Controls: Use your cursor to dodge enemies that are synced to the music.

EDIT: omg wow, you guys flatter me so much.. 2 awards on 1 game.. *blushes*



Ahh, really good work. Too bad I don't know the songs well enough. xD

bloo-apple responds:

Thanks for ur review, took quite a long time to make this version, I don't know why but I always start from scratch, and ya I never played any sonic games so I barely knew them myself, but learned them as I made it.

Why is this so addicting?!?!

Good work here. Simple concept that's fun and entertaining. Good work

bloo-apple responds:

WELL I am guessing.. this is so addicting because its simple, fun and entertaining! :P Thank you for reviewing!

This is great!

Omg! This is really amazing! I love this game!
Not like just those random avoid games, but this one goes to the beat of the music.
And how the instruments determine which side it'll come from (:
I really like it~ A little hard d: but I like it~

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bloo-apple responds:

Yes! That's exactly the idea! Different instruments throw out different baddies. The angle from which they are to be thrown out at you is a mystery though. Makes you stay on your toes. :) Thanks for the review. I made sure that some songs were easier than others, and I left one song for the hard core gamers on here too. If you want to play a similar game that is easier then you should check out Droppin Beats 2. That is the easiest version of this game I have made. Many thanks for the review!

I've always loved these games for one reason

You pretty much have to know the song to be good, and this game didnt disappoint

bloo-apple responds:

:P glad to hear that. And Ya it's a major advantage if you know the song before ya play it. Thank you for reviewing.

Well done!

I could give you a 10 just because you included the Chemical Plant soundtrack but even if I don't consider this too heavy you still achive at least a 9.

Thank you for bringing back memorys of my childhood playing Sonic like there is no tomorrow. :)

Btw... Chemical Plant is so hard!!!

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2010
10:08 PM EST
Skill - Avoid
  • Underdog of the Week March 17, 2010
  • Daily 5th Place March 15, 2010