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Gordons Revenge

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Its May7th, and David Cameron has just won the general election. He immediately reveals himself to be a Dark Lord and enslaves Britain. Now, only one man can save us... (full plot at http://www.politicalgamin g.com)

Gordon's Revenge is 8 megabytes, and should take one or two minutes to load on a broadband connection. Click the game then press escape to view the menu and enter to choose options. Use the arrow keys or the mouse to move. Use Control to shoot, and Space to jump.
This game runs on the Quake Pro engine, so the controls are the same.

You can also enter cheats by pressing the ~ or ¬ key to bring up the console then typing:
GOD to be unkillable.
NOCLIP to be able to walk through walls.
CHASE to go to third person mode.
NOTARGET to stop those cheeky Tories shooting you.
MAP E1M2 to jump to the second level, MAP E1M3 for the third etc., and MAP E1M7 to fight the final boss - Cameron.

Gordons Revenge was made by Chris Doman (chris at politicalgaming.com) with thanks to Richard Lewis for extensive "testing", for PoliticalGaming.com. We have no political affiliations, we just like the idea of Gordon Brown wielding an axe.

Please not please don't confuse this with real life and and go around shooting politicians, regardless of political affiliations. Michael Portillo in particular, he seems like a really nice guy.
Gordons revenge runs on ID Software's Quake engine, who kindly released their engine and maps under the GPL. Quake was ported to flash by Michael Rennie, and QuakePro was extended from the original Quake engine.
The fantastic posters in the game were sourced from MyDavidCameron, in particular posters were used from Will Sturgeon, Robin Brown, Loudribs, thereminwar, Andy Barefoot, Beau Bo D'Or and dflite.

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Quake is the shit hands down

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2010
8:45 AM EST