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Gameoverse 2

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Gameoverse is brought to you by the cool cats at Playboy.com!

After being summoned to the central console, Gobbles the Learn-o-saurus and Flappers the super dolphin were chosen for a quest of great importance. Upon being summoned, Gobbles lied about his identity proclaiming he was a "Guns-n-Laser-Saurus-Rex"

Due to a 1 in a billion chance, their journey has started in Gobbles' home world! Can he keep up this elaborate lie, or will his true identity slip out to his new found friends.

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Maybe this new comment in over 3 years is the proof that I'm a chosen one?


LOL,they were ACTUAL SPIES,thats unexpected and HOW did the dolphin kill the spies?

LOL they were actually spies XD

Perfect drawings, Great voice acting! Badass Series!!!

Egoraptor is awesome!

I didn't know this had some part to do w/ Egoraptor until I saw the info up there <----! Well anyway, this cartoon/movie is kinda creepy o_e.