Fly into the Trade Center

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You are the terrorist that has taken over an air plane, do your best to fly into the WTC towers! Yes, this is a really easy game.


HOLY SHIT, THE POINT OF THE GAME IS TO HIT THE TOWERS, NOT AVOID THEM. So all you ass-lickers that are holding the arrow keys are actually LOSERS.



that music is the shit

erm, hang on a sec

the audio for this is by "some arab dude" its by some "iraninan dude"
thats all i have to say...........

Who cares if you're offended?!

I'm offended by all the offended people.

This lil' flash was quick and painless. Reminds me of back in the day when I used to play MS Flight Sim 4, flying between the towers.

For everyone else: Next time someone comes at you in the plane with a box cutter, just kick him in the balls.

Do do do doo do da li do do

XD That music was great... it kept getting stuck in my head. I don't know why, but it was pretty damn fun to swerve around and blow things up. And there were more than two towers! Whoo!

... >.> No, I'm not a fucking terrorist. I'm a Canadian. My dad was in America and 9-11 and yeah, we were worried, but..

9-11 is over. It's done. And, on that day, no one could expect to stop it. By then it was too late. I know it must be a touchy subject for some people, but... let it fall. It's almost been four years.

Life goes on, with or without the ones you love. 9-11 freaked me out a bit... but.. I'm not worried.

Overall, not so mushy moral message: IT'S A DAMN GAME. NOT A PROMISE. Everyone has different views and sadly many can't be changed. Simmer down, people.

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My first review, & appologies for skewering the voting system unfairly, but I'm scared this could get blammed before I get to point out the comparisons twix the reviews for this and the reviews for THE SUICIDE BOMBER GAME. It's the same thing, why is no one baying fabulous999 blood?!?

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May 29, 2002
12:42 AM EDT
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