Fly into the Trade Center

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You are the terrorist that has taken over an air plane, do your best to fly into the WTC towers! Yes, this is a really easy game.


HOLY SHIT, THE POINT OF THE GAME IS TO HIT THE TOWERS, NOT AVOID THEM. So all you ass-lickers that are holding the arrow keys are actually LOSERS.


Stupid Reviewers

Everyone who thinks this thing isn't good, can go fuck themselves.
You hypocrites!!! You say not to bomb the WTC in a fucking game!!!!
Then you say that you want games that bomb Iraq!!! If you feel so pissed about the WTC disaster, how do you think Iraqi's feel having their fucking homes and towns bombed on orders by a fucking politicial half-wit?! It's been what? 5 years? Forget about it already, I don't see televised announcements of all the people killed in Vietnam or in WWII. Good job man, excellent entry, just try to have better graphics next time.

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This is probably the best thing you have ever made in Flash!!!

Hahaha, fucking hilarious.

Awesome game. If those people werent smart enough to predict that it was going to happen, and get out, I don't think they deserve to live.

it is very fun

for a lil mini game make a more complex game thow

ignore them.

Bout time someone released a game. You get complaints about how a lot of people died, and that making a game out of it is wrong, but FAR more people died in the world wars, and there are virtually millions of games made from that.

Next time, make it a challenge to fly into the towers. you make it look like the terrorists flew into the towers by accident lol.

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1.26 / 5.00

May 29, 2002
12:42 AM EDT
Action - Other