We Hate Modern Warfare 2

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Well, here it is. The final animation in the "100 Things We Hate About..." Call of Duty series. Hope you enjoy it and, at the very least, don't take it seriously!

This is a parody, and as they say, "Often, the most satisfying element of a good parody is seeing others mistake it for the genuine article."

Feel free to leave a review. I don't tend to reply to them, but trust that I do read all of them and appreciate most of them.


Daily 2nd Place and Front Page? Awesome! Thanks so much Newgrounds!


oh god too much information to take in and give

i hate the stupid clan icons pple use in my country
i hate the long server connection times
i hate the gunships and pavelows spawnkilling me
i hate it when i melee som1 who gets me in the end
i hate sniping because u can camouflage in a bush while others hide in plain sight
i hate prestige
i hate copycat when the other guy is too skilled
i hate fucked up team balance: 6 prestige vs. 1 prestige 4 lvl 1x's
i hate the fucking tactical nuke; World in Conflict = 3 tactical nukes launched at same time without game over
i hate real weapons that are unbalanced to shit; Israeli TAR > M16 real life
i hate fucked up Barret recoil; none in real life
i hate lack of front lines, cant find out if we r in our territory or theirs
i hate attempt to counter thermals, camping, everything else
i hate trying to get UAV killstreak

Now for a break:
i like being riot shield distraction
i like satisfying throw knife kill
i like killing repetitive campers
i like getting hi tier killstreaks from airdrop
i like teamwork
i like taking out enemy air support with stinger
i like standing behind enemy for 5 sec before killing him
i like OpFor: "ENEMYAC130INTHEAIR!!!!!11!1!1"
i like beating annoying 1887's at their own game
i like beating the crap out of enemy pinning down my team
i like dodging enemy claymores, grenades and such in stupor to get my target
i like balanced games
i like helping noobs
i like surviving hell with riot shield
i like getting the jump on enemies; "AW HAWW!!!"

well this is a questionable review i put up. but then, you have 1 very satisfied viewer

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MoozipanCheese responds:

Now you need to satisfy me...

*Unzips trousers*


Lol "aim your aim aim your site aim your sites"




Rage quitting....LOL

Holy crap THIS.. IS... AWESOME.

Wow, this is awesome, and most of it is true, if not all of it, great movie! love it! 10/10 5/5 if I could give more, I would.

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Mar 11, 2010
8:23 PM EST
Comedy - Parody