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Clear Skies: World War 3

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A top down airplane shooter game. Follow the advanced story of World War III as you play as different people. Influence the future of the world in this action packed flying game. Play as bombers, defenders, escorts, and attackers. Once you have seen an airplane, it will forever be saved in the gallery. Here, you can view all of the model designs in their full 3d glory. This is not your everyday game. The new Clear Skies engine allows for action packed, graphically intense, and realistic battles at a smooth 30 fps.

I really put my life into this game and I hope you enjoy it. I started this about a year ago and have been working on it non-stop for over a year. I really hope that people can enjoy the game! One of the huge problems I encountered during this game's development is my own stupidity. Back in the beginning, I sucked at programming and I made some HORRIBLE decisions. I can proudly say that I learned more from making this game than I knew when I started. Sit back relax, place your hands on the keyboard, and enjoy the game!


Due to the sheer number of micro-contributions, I may not have been able to credit you. If you contributed to this game, please pm me and I will credit you...

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This is great.

Everything about this game is great. The plot is very interesting, and the cliffhanger ending makes me want to see what happens next. The plot is also different from other World War 3 stories, which usually center around USA and Russia being enemies. The aircraft rendering is great, and they look realistic from afar. In the next game (if there is going to be one) perhaps you can have multiple campaigns, like a Chinese one, and maybe more bombing missions, where you actually bomb a target, instead of just wherever on the island.

love it

this game is awesome

i suck

the president died because of me but after i turned he was off my radar and i lost him

hamedn responds:

It's hard at first. Try at least 3 times before you give up... Itll be fun when you get the hang of it....

Great Game!"

Most people are being dumb while playing this game -- It takes strategy and skill to navigate around the enemy and shoot in precise bursts -- your not meant to spray and pray.

Overall, this is a great game. The FX and polishing could be better, but its one of the best fighter games I have seen in awhile. said by Dtfgator, I agree with him


Great game. I'm not sure if the controls got stuck for me on level 3 or that's what's suppose to happen. I beat level 4 and got bored, but it was pretty fun. The gun over heating just makes you statagize more. If anything, if's more realistic that way. The controls are a bit weird, selecting missles/bombs and then launch, instead a single button to launch those would be nice.