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Epic Fail 5 Points

Fail 20 times

Farm Massacre 5 Points

Kill 20 farmers

Medium Dodger 5 Points

Dodge 20 medium high obstacles

Medium Jumper 5 Points

Jump 20 medium ground obstacles

Small Dodger 5 Points

Dodge 20 small high obstacles

Small Jumper 5 Points

Jump 20 small ground obstacles

Fight In The Shade 10 Points

Block 20 volleys of arrows

Large Dodger 10 Points

Dodge 20 large high obstacles

Large Jumper 10 Points

Jump 20 large ground obstacles

Mano-A-Mano 10 Points

Block 20 duelists

Think Fast! 10 Points

Dodge 10 rider attacks

Trample Mania 10 Points

Jump 20 hoplites

Was That a Fly? 10 Points

Dodge 20 volleys of arrows

Cover Up 25 Points

Unlock all armor

Eat My Dust 25 Points

Outrun 10 riders

Cat And Mouse 50 Points

Survive 5 minutes in Pursuit

Long Day 50 Points

Complete Story mode

Survivor 50 Points

Survive 5 minutes in Survival

Hell And Back 100 Points

Complete hardcore mode

The Spice Of Life 100 Points

Unlock all game modes

Author Comments

WARNING: This game is graphic intensive, please play in popup mode to avoid bad lag and reduce the quality in the options if it feels sluggish!


Hello people! SWiTCH and Evil-Dog invite you to embark on a brutal journey! A brutally hard journey of doom for freedom and redemption! haha nah seriously, enjoy our reflex/action game! Comments are always appreciated! Tell us what you think! Cheers!

Controls: W,A,S,D and space (jump, block, dodge, sprint and javelin)

You'll be severely gimped without it.

If you're having trouble seeing what's going on, please try turning down the quality in the options.
If you can't figure out how to overcome an obstacle, try a different approach (there's only so many keys to choose from after all).

Collect Amazon Points to unlock more game modes and vanity armor.

Earn your place on the high score lists for Hardcore, Survival, and Pursuit modes.



I'm torn between a low rate for the unbeatable difficulty and 5 stars for the concept+graphics+awesome soundtrack. What can you say when the author himself says he can't finish his own game... I agree with some previous reviews, at some point controls are too slow so you have no choice but to fail even if you're damaging your keyboard. And what's the point of the armor if it doesn't actually give you a second chance when you get hit?
Still one of my favorite game : please make a second chapter but with some different level of difficulty, an armor that is actually one, and an ending we can see....

Amazing Game, its really hard but its great! :D And she is hot :P

Just another great work from Evil-Dog,damn I love your game man!


Sorry about that. You deserve better than no stars, but I don't even care right now, the frustration I've built up needs to be vented.

A hard game demands the player to cope with a lot of gameplay elements in a short amount of time, but when that rider that chases you gets thrown and you've got to use your boost, it becomes damn near impossible.

I played the level where you get chased by a horsemen for FIVE HOURS straight and could not get through it. The best I did was throw off two riders, but that only happened three times out of the hundreds of times I tried that level. Most of the time I wouldn't even throw the first rider off before dying.

Hard is good, but UNFAIR is rage inducing. It's a rare occasion when you get into the zone and you're playing near perfectly, but then suddenly, the game's random obstacle generator throws a volley of arrows at you, which you block, only to run face first into a tree branch while in the middle of your shield lowering animation, even though you're mashing the duck button. That's just absolute bullshit. It's a scenario where your failure is guaranteed through no fault of your own. The parameters need to be tweaked so that that scenario doesn't happen.

That or the recovery animations need to be interruptible or shortened, because at that high of a speed, the controls feel much too unresponsive and slow.

When you're not in the zone, the issue of time becomes the game's biggest weakness. At the high speeds of the boost, the camera should zoom out to let you see further ahead. Or the window width needs to be increased to give you more time to react. Or the obstacles need to stand out much more from the background, since their colors and art style makes them blend right in, introducing hesitation in the player's decision making, since he needs to spend time decoding what the heck it is he's looking at, especially with the tree branches and rocks and the other obstacles with no audio cues.

Which brings me to the audio cues: they're terrible. The game is practically impossible without them, but they're needlessly overcomplicated. All the enemies sound identical, especially the horseman that charges at you and the farmer, those two sound pretty much the same, which is quite unfortunate since you can't respond to them in the same way. Either give each unit a distinctive voice that the player can immediately make out, or give each unit one line that they say, so that the player can distinguish them that way. You might complain that the game will be too repetitive, but trust me, by the 300th playthrough, the 2 extra lines you coded for each enemy don't make a bit of difference.

Evil-Dog responds:

Zero? ZERO?!! right...you don't deserve that I read your opinion.

A really great game! Some fantastic animation and great quality sound effects, such as voices and 'clangs'. I did feel some of the accents sounded a little exaggerated, but nothing major.
I appreciated the strong image of the female warrior you created. It's hard to imagine a naked girl being taken seriously, but somehow, in combination with the tribal paint and the spear she brandishes, it works. And she looks badass. Nice 'physics', by the way.
A few minor issues I feel could be corrected; The Hitbox on your character could be slightly tweaked... I found myself hitting objects before the character had gotten near them. Another thing is that sometimes you come across something that's literally too quick for the character to react, e.g. throwing a spear immediately after jumping. The character sometimes does not react quick enough and I've died countless times because of this. Also hearing the same voices sometimes again and again can get annoying, but it's not that bad. If you guys made a sequel, I would DEFINITELY be playing it... so long as it was an improvement! Unlockables could be more of an incentive, and I like the idea of different modes, e.g. On Horseback, on foot, puzzle sequences (mazes, or a difficult to navigate path?) and even a stealth mode. That would be amazing, and I would certainly play it.

I might be speaking prematurely though; I haven't finished the final chapter yet!

It's a fantastic game either way. I took off half a star because of all the little minor annoyances mentioned above, but the other 4 were well deserved!

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4.42 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2010
12:23 PM EST
Action - Other