Never trust a Hippie!

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*based on actual events

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i like the whole series of hippie stuff you've got.
I like how something that most people take as a form of weakness or embarrassment, and you show how powerful you think it is/ or should be.

great work man

PufferBluntman responds:

Well, it's not quite all what I want to say. You see: recent days I had a lot of talk and conversation with hippies and former hippies, and I found out that a lot of them are truly peace-loving nice people, very psychedelic - BUT there are also many people who claim themselves hippies, although they are nothing like what hippies were standing for: hypocritical, cruel, closed-minded, and afraid of everything that is new and progressive. This is the hypocrisy I'm trying to show in thees series, and not only that, but all kinds of hypocrisy.

Nice idea

Nice animation you have here, the art and characters seemed to comeout well, the animation flowed decently, backrounds wich is something i always look for you did verywell aswell, and humor you gave it some so all and all it was an alright and amusing flash

How to improve on this???
I would suggest make it longer have it go into other scenes



I agree with what the other "Critics" say but they fail to even be called "Critics" Like you said most of the people who pick fault with everythink and give bad reviews never look at the bigger picture and somtimes dont even have any material themsleves...This realy does sadden me.

However i enjoyed it was short and sweet, maybe couldve done with some leg movements, story and a bit more to it but other than that i think you did a good job the design is origional and not ment to be amazing and its the fact its ment to be simple that makes it good and i liked the weird little creature too.

Just umm next time maybe spend a couple of days looking at it abit and thinking right i could put this here, attention to detail its called make little changes that stand out to prove to the audience that your not poor at making animations :) anyways good luck and gimme a look if you want ill have a few animations up soon.


kinda made me chuckle
previous reveiws are kinda harsh
it was weird and out there but hey, thats what newgrounds is for.
should have called it tears of a hippie or something though. why was the sign he was holding so unclear?


I believe you're confusing junkies and hippies to be the same thing. They are not.

Either way, actual hippies are not as they appear on your favorite television shows. I suggest you look into them some more. They can be very nice people, and most don't give a crap about the environment itself. Instead of this, it's more "world change" for the better.

PufferBluntman responds:

...and, also, most hippies can't actually tear out a man-eating water monster thingie - but that's not the point!

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Mar 11, 2010
4:19 AM EST
Comedy - Original