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// Production

I got the idea for this animation when I was listeting to the music - Xargonus tried to make it as crazy as possible, or at least as suitable for 'madness shorts' as possible. I think that both animation and music ended up as a nice artwork.

// Story (if you don't understand the animation)
Even if it ended up as a full animation, it was inspired by madness shorts. Really ? Yeah, it is quite long for a short, but read this:

Two friends on Newgrounds. Those are main characters. They find some strange flash - it looks like a hole to somewhere and it immediately sucks them in. They arrive in the world of Madness. A computer says 'now you love madness' and they clothes are changed. Now, they could be named 'the tyran' and 'the tyrannized'. The tyran is not happy for his looking and attacks the tyrannized. They fall into some hole and they on land on some stairs with red sky in background. Tyran is still fighting the tyrannized and throws him down, then walks away. The tyrannized stands up and finds a sign changing his life/job to 'a teacher'. He then 'teachs' some guys about some things, and overall, he is happy. When the tyrannized comes, sees it and remembers his bloody 'be an explorer', he becomes very jealous and starts to insult the tyrannized. The tyrannized tries to explain it, but the tyran picks a shotgun (from nowhere) and shoots him. The tyrannized avoids, but some guy gets a shot, falls into ground and starts to fall everywhere, destroying ground around the tyran. The 'remaining ground' he is standing on suddenly flies up, but gets hit by some plane. The tyran finds some guy here, tosses him through the plane and the guy changes into some weapon. The tyran jumps in and the tyrannized is incoming with some balloons. Most of them get a hit by the tyran, but the tyrannized successfully comes closer and the plane falls. The tyran arrives on some cliff, but the tyran throws him off by his fall... this repeats far more times, until the cliff is broken. While they are falling, the tyran is still attacking the tyrannized and lets a rock hit him. They fall into some cave where they give some coins to 'a gatekeeper'. The gatekeeper vanishes - lets them continue. They find some mass of guns. Both of them pick some. The tyrannized shoots to somewhere and finds that the guns shoot another guns. The tyran tries his gun by shooting the tyrannized. The tyrannized, after so much punishment, ends his toleration and atttacks the tyran, throwing him into some hole. The tyran returns back with gun-shooting gun instead of his hands, but after a short fight both of the fall into the hole. They return to the real world. They blackly watch each other for a while, but after that they stop their wrath, realize they had quite funny times, that they enjoyed it. So one of them finds the rating and votes 5. (YOU vote as YOU enjoyed it... but that is what's voting about.)

// Other

The story looks good, but the animation itself is very random. I urge to watch it properly because after a few seconds of incaution you can realize the scene has totally changed.
Oh and it has really 'mild violence'. The violence is not so strong and there's no blood in the entire movie.

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I love this movie because it's very magical and funny.Although I don't get some parts,like when that red shirt guy yelled at the other guy after he looked at the sign Bean Explorer.Be a jedi.


This is awesome.

at the end i did excactly what they did submitted 5

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2010
1:09 AM EST