Stick Torture Game

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I know that you may not find this as a really awesome super cool game like the ones with 5 stars. But this game took a lot of work and i put a lot of dedication into this one game. It took about a several months to make. The action script dragged a lot. I'm probably guessing that I will get a lot of messages saying that It could do better if I improved the graphics. But I've done as good as I can for just one 13 year old kid. So try not to be so negative in my comments.

Credit to The-Swain for using Block Head pic.

Update 1:
-Weapon points glitch fixed
-Deducted prices
-Increase points gain


Way too hard.

For a torture game, this is way too hard. Is there some other way to earn points? If not, it's impossible and gets old quick. Make it easier.
These types of games are about using different weapons and everything on the stick figure. I think this game would be far better if you didn't have to unlock anything.

pretty good

pretty good for a 13 year old. its not amazing but its not bad but then again all the greats start of with simple ideas. Hope to see what you come up later on in your flash career :)


i lyke teh bloody gears

its not half bad

it could use a little more time to be worked on, but then again, im only twelve as of this post, and im about to attempt a MASSSSSIVE Epic Madness video, called madness Taco, and i want it passed, so i dont care if it takes two years to make, i will do it. i just dont know how to add sound.... Anyways, its not bad, but i think it should have all of the torture items available at start, and maybe its not as good as it would be since your 13, the unlucky number. Dont walk in the new jersey woods, might find an abandoned house, and get killd by the Jersey DEVIL XD. he sounds like a dying cat that is mixed with a bear.....


The game is stingy with points, the torture attacks take too long and are too repetitive, and I found a glitch where using the axe would reward you with no points.

It's not bad, but it needs some serious work.

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2.84 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2010
7:27 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click