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The Truth About God

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I sincerely can't believe this thing is still getting views! Anyway, to those offended... it's a joke. Poor taste, yes. I little risque, yes. Don't read too much into it. Cheers!



it was a pretty crappy animation. didnt make much sense. i find it funny though. all the reactions you get. you have the uber christians and stuff on one side saying "youre gonna burn for this" then the athiests, satanists, etc saying "haha, serves you right" people need to settle down, both sides..if you believe in something, dont tell other people that they are gonna burn for something you believe in, they dont care. and ppl who hate religion, dont bash ppl who are religious. just be cool....

well uh.........

odd to say the least.


that was so fat. lol i loved it.

if anyone finds this offensive they have problems

people need to able to laugh at themselves. if you cant then you are fucked. everyone need to stop letting other people lead them around with lies and bullshit. examples of this is all religion. this was funny so laugh and stop bitchin about who is going to your hell and shit like that.

I liked it

I don't know why the guy b4 me is acting like such a dick but I like this crude little homage to Ron Jeremy. : )

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Apr 11, 2000
4:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Original