The Truth About God

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I sincerely can't believe this thing is still getting views! Anyway, to those offended... it's a joke. Poor taste, yes. I little risque, yes. Don't read too much into it. Cheers!


Good Job

There's nothing funnier than making fun of religious extremists..

Overall, good job. a bit poor in animation. but funny.

keep up the good work


i dont like it, it wasnt funny, but i understand the joke. i realize that this was honestly intended to be funny, so ill give it a 2 or 3.

Not Bad

This flash is very funny. I half expected the prayers to help increase the size of Ron Jeremy's, um, "ego" but I guess this is just as good. It's very random and it does make fun of religion, but what doesn't make fun of religion nowadays? Those people confident in their spirituality will laugh about this. . . those who are not will call this a complete piece of crap. As a Roman Catholic, I approve of this flash, even if the Pope does not. Pray on, little Billy, pray on.

woah, some christian needs to mellow out.

If you see correctly all the people who gave zero's, you'll se that its only a flash. Why would you watch if if you know it will be insulting.

Anyways... i kind of chuckled of the random ending. But it could be better...

Simple, yet disturbing...

That made me laugh in the foulest of ways... You have a sick mind, and for that I give you my props.

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Apr 11, 2000
4:05 PM EDT
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